YMMV / VIZ Media

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome
    • Securing the distribution rights to the anime adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure from Warner Bros. Not only did this mean that fans would get a more substantial physical release (after Warner Bros. put out a barebones DVD), but it also potentially led to the anime netting a spot on Toonami on [adult swim], as Warner Bros. had no interest of airing the show on television.
      • Similarly the announcement that they would be licensing the manga from the beginning in America. Not only would this be the first time that Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency but they would also be bringing over the Jojonium versions. Made even better that recently they announced the license for Diamond is Unbreakable and onward.
    • Getting the rights to the Sailor Moon franchise including Sailor Moon Crystal was no small feat, especially considering many other companies were interested in buying it. Few suspected Viz would be the one to secure it and give it a faithful re-dub.
    • Announcing the license for the 2011 anime adaptation of Hunter Hunter which at the time was only available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Netflix with no licensor. Made even better when Viz announced that the show would air on Toonami.
    • Their New York Comic Con 2015 panel had them announce the manga licenses for Kurokos Basketball, Haikyuu!!, and Yona of the Dawn three series which have been popular for years but were not released in America.
  • Never Live It Down: The company has earned the ire of fans (mainly towards their anime branch) in their later years, due to licensing series and suddenly stopping in the middle of their releases (most infamously with Monster), and concentrating on distributing Bleach, Naruto and little else. Granted, they can finish the releases of some shorter series on occasion (as was the case for Kekkaishi and the 90s Hunter Hunter TV series).
  • Win Back the Crowd: For a long while Viz fell off the radar of most American anime fans due to some poorly received business decisions in the early 2010's and most of their anime work being with Naruto and Bleach. They licensed a show every now and then but they didn't have the same extensive catalog as other companies. However the following helped put them back on the map...
    • When they announced they acquired Sailor Moon, and announced that it would be released with an all-new English dub, and it would be uncut and uncensored, a lot of fans rejoiced. In addition, they got the license to the never-released-in-America 5th season, Sailor Stars.
    • 2015 was a big year for Viz when it came to anime licenses. Not only did they begin giving JoJo's Bizarre Adventure the treatment it deserves but also announced One-Punch Man and Hunter Hunter as anime licenses, two of the biggest recent anime.