YMMV / VIZ Media

  • Canada Does Not Exist: At least with regard to streaming anime, anyway. Viz Media is the only major anime distributor in North America that does not provide any on-demand streams of its anime offerings to Canada, due their service being run on Hulu, a US-only website. Viz has not attempted a Canadian work-around.
  • Never Live It Down: The company has earned the ire of fans (mainly towards their anime branch) in their later years, due to licensing series and suddenly stopping in the middle of their releases (most infamously with Monster), and concentrating on distributing Bleach, Naruto and little else. Granted, they can finish the releases of some shorter series on occasion (as was the case for Kekkaishi and the 90s Hunter Hunter TV series).
  • Win Back the Crowd: When they announced they acquired Sailor Moon, and announced that it would be released with an all-new English dub, and it would be uncut and uncensored, a lot of fans rejoiced. In addition, they got the license to the never-released-in-America 5th season, Sailor Stars.
    • But not all fans rejoiced. See Canada Does Not Exist above.