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YMMV: Viridian Dreams Quests
  • Cargo Ship: Lucy/Paper Cube (Vampire Quest), Kade/Bacon ([untitled] Quest), Ryoko/Kidneys (Familiar Quest), The Trainer/Coffee (Pokemon Quest), and Michiko/Booze (Ghostbusters: Japan Quest)
  • Crack Pairing: Often suggested by Players, and sometimes played straight by Quest Runners (especially in Crossover Quest)
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: To the author of Familiar Quest the song found by Darkandus for the conclusion of the summoning ritual scene. Said Quest Runner can listen to that song on loop for hours.
  • Crazy Awesome: Usually the M.O. for most Quest Runners and Players.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: They would.
  • One True Pairing
    • In VQ, Lucy/Michael, no question.
    • In NQ, Leto/Peri.
    • Ryoko/Kidneys
    • Kade/Bacon
  • Shipping: Encouraged by Quest Runners, to the extent that some player-adopted ships end up becoming the Official Couple for that quest.
  • Tear Jerker Often purposefully invoked by Quest Runners (the monsters ;-;)
  • The Woobie: Anyone with the name o'hAodha is one of some form or another thanks to their Crapsack World. Debatable as to who is what, and they have multiple but take your pick from the Woobie Spectrum. Also generally a staple for most Quest Protagonist, with some notable examples being Kade ([untitled Quest]), Ryoko (Familiar Quest), and recently Leto (Necromancy Quest).

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