YMMV / Vintergatan

  • Crazy Awesome: Subverted with the people you'd expect it from — The Count and The Professor. The Count has flaming red hair, diamonds in his forehead (and all over his lapels), and a ring with a stone so big it slightly overlaps his middle and little finger. He's fairly sane, despite a bit of arrogance, some pedanticism (though this is more of an Informed Ability than anything) and a liking for playing with toys. The Professor has a golden nose and a golden hawk spreading out over her forehead (And that's not getting into her dress — black leather and golden shoulderpads) — and she's really fairly sane, despite a bit of arrogance, some social incompetence, and a liking for playing with her far deadlier toys. Lennartsson, however, does dab into the Crazy Awesome region, what with his talking to his purse which he calls Lucci and which apparently also talks to him, saying things like "Sunder and rule" which is understandable — it turns out to be real, we're not simply seeing it Through the Eyes of Madness. Or perhaps we are — you can never quite tell. It's not helped by the fact that he's the only one to understand it literally — Lucci's way of speaking appears to be a gibberish of growling and hissing. Fun fact: Lennartsson is dressed completely in gray, and simply looks dull. Quite amazingly, marvellously dull, as well as irrepressibly drab and awful.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Peo, punching his way through hordes of mutants to save Henrik and Mira. Created his later-to-be Catch-Phrase: A simple
    • Also, an episode in which a lot of arguing was going on between all members of the crew. Words were thrown about, tension was mounting, anger was abundant — and then Henrik, the Hollywood Nerd, the bookworm, The Smart Guy, came out with a furious yell of "QUIET!"
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: 'GLENN DID IT!'
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The credits music. Also, the Cliffhanger music that would, without fault, play at the end of every episode — the characters even tried to invoke it in one episode of 5A, by standing as still as statues in shocked poses! And in Vid Vintergatans Slut, it was buffed up a step further by the screen turning demonically red and dissolving into the distance with hyper-speed. Awesome.
  • Most Annoying Sound: The sound of Zonkophones calling, because that was always an indicator of Filler straight ahead. Made awesome, however, when the Zonkophone was heard, and watchers prepared themselves for conversation with some child — to be faced with the voice of Thomas di Leva, a real life Swedish songwriter-singer, claimed to be from another galaxy and gave this advice to Glenn:
    Thomas: Glenn, be calm now and use the force. Let it beam throughout the cosmos! Good luck, Glenn.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The end-of-episode cliffhanger music. DA, DADAH-DAH DAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Nightmare Fuel: The fifoons ('Fifunerna'). Pale as the moon, with sunglasses, black coats and deadpan expressions. They wore lampshades and made it intimidating. There was a constant source of illumination shining down on their faces, implying the lampshade actually had a lightbulb under it. Were they walking power sources? Were the lightbulbs parasites? Could they simply not survive without light? Either way, it says something when Vid Vintergatans Slut, despite the better special effects and more advanced technology, they were less scary. Perhaps the original Fifoons simply set that standard of terror into the minds of children. Sure, it's kind of Nightmare Retardant looking back at it now, but...those faces!
    • The mutants and the doomsday planet as a whole. A large red planet, seemingly void of all life but the soulless mutants, implied to once have been a civiliced race not unlike the humans. And the characters just narrowly escape the planet's destruction.
    • Lucci before he was revealed, whereupon he acted as his own Nightmare Retardant.
    • That thing at Zeryj. All we ever see of it is it's claw and unblinking piercing red eyes.
  • Squick: Oh yeah, the earthworms Lucci eats? Lennartsson eats them himself. Sure, it's only seen in one scene, but keeping in mind the previous close-up on the writhing, twisting worms and then seeing him swallowing one so casually was enough to make this troper squirm.
  • Tear Jerker: When Irina, in a Defrosting Ice Queen moment, talks about her dog to Henrik. She says that she had to leave her behind, and the Soviet Union took care of her. All fine and well, nothing you can't get over — until she reveals her dog's name. Laika.
    • Irina using the time machine (it makes sense in context) to return to Soviet. She expects to be hailed as a lost hero returning... Only to witness a meeting where the top brass decides that she is lost in space and they don't really give her another thought.