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YMMV: Vince Russo
  • Badass Decay: Him sticking non wrestlers into confrontations with actual wrestlers caused the latter to look bad like you wouldn't believe. Seeing Daffney Unger and Madusa fail to beat Miss Elizabeth, who had years of reputation as a non athlete valet Damsel in Distress, to see Miss Elizabeth upstage Mona was bad enough but it got worse. David Arquette, who was even worse since he had no established wrestling history, being made champion of the company for the sake of a tie in movie where he didn't even play a convincing wrestler was still not the lowest pinnacle but it went so low as Vince Russo as WCW champion, from Goldberg no less. So Russo did vacate the title but still.
  • Base Breaker: Russo is either a delusional idiot who never contributed anything good to wrestling, a pretty good wrestling writer who struggled when given complete control, or, rarely, an ahead-of-his-time genius visionary
  • Genius Bonus: Russo, particularly during his time in WCW, has been fond of referencing obscure pieces of wrestling trivia, often as punchlines. Naturally, because Smart Marks are a niche segment of the professional wrestling fanbase, they tend to fall awkwardly flat.
    • For example: during Russo's time as WCW booker, there was a confrontation between Eric Bischoff and Sid Vicious on Nitro. Bischoff was making fun of Sid for being reluctant to hit him and lose his job as a result. Bischoff said "What's the matter Sid, can't find your scissors?" Those in the know would recognize this as a reference to a real-life altercation Sid once had with Arn Anderson, in which Sid stabbed Arn with a pair of scissors. But most of the people watching that show had never heard of the incident, and were wondering why the hell Eric was talking about scissors all of a sudden.
  • Internet Backdraft: Go on an internet comment board and say that Vince Russo was a great booker. Or say that he wasn't, we don't care. Just be ready to watch the fireworks.
  • The Mole: During his run with WCW, many fans and even a few wrestlers suspected that he was a double agent sent in by Vince McMahon to sabotage the competition from within. He wasn't.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Lucha Libres" would actually be taken up by Rudos in Mexico
  • Never Live It Down: His page image and its caption really say enough. Okay maybe not. Russo's work in the ring may not have been easy to watch but he was only champion for two days. If he hadn't given himself the belts so soon after Arquette's reviled run, it might have just been forgotten the way Mr. McMahon winning the WWF Championship is... which was also a Russo angle.
  • Older Than They Think
    • The problem with trying to give the fans something new is that you have to know what they have seen before and it is clear Vince Russo does not know his wrestling history. His plan for TNA is perhaps the defining example: Make it an adult oriented show with nudity and sex! Pay per view porn wrestling would be the hot new thing to challenge WWE. Problem was, WEW did almost the same thing two months before TNA got started. Yet as late as 2014 Vince Russo still complains about TNA becoming "just another wrestling show"! This despite the fact much of the WEW roster, Klondyke, Alexis Laree, Valentina, Tracy Brooks, Angel Williams, Talia Madison, Simply Luscious, Lucy Furr, Shelly Martinez, Trenesha Biggers, Mickie Knuckles, ODB, Radiant Rain, Shantelle Taylor and more, later worked for TNA! The company that was already doing Russo's idea was feeding him almost as much talent as WWE or ROH! But if that isn't convincing enough Vince Russo had nothing new, before WEW, XPW in 1999, ran by a man in the porn industry, was even closer to Russo's pitch. Both XPW and WEW went under. While TNA was running with Vince Russo, Carmen Electra would start an "adult" wrestling show and "Full Throttle Wrestling" would open. They both went under too!
    • One of the few "adult" promotions to have more staying power than "just another wrestling show" TNA, nearly thirty years of it at that point, was Steel Kittens Productions, and it was significantly more tasteful at its most explicit than what Russo got to do in TNA! (unless you find polygamy, trashcan sex, molestation, forced prostitution, rape, crack whores and incest less offensive than the occasional torn shirt or wardrobe malfunction). History already proved that not only do shows that stay relatively tasteful and focus on wrestling outlast those that do not, but that "adult" wrestling had been around before WCW and never been a challenge to WWE.
  • Scapegoat Creator: An example partially self inflicted. If he hadn't written himself onto television, particularly WCW and TNA television, more people would likely have no idea he was even there and would be blaming someone else like Eric Bischoff or Jeff Jarrett for everything.
  • Shocking Swerve: The Trope Namer and God of this trope, well at least until it was decided not to be a trope and placed on this tab instead.
  • The Scrappy: Deservedly or not, he managed to become the most hated figure in professional wrestling, and not in a positive way. It is not just fans, booker, wrestlers and people generally associated with the business in his native country that dislike him, but he has a fair share of detractors in Canada (where he is accused of creatively destroying Bret Hart) , Mexico (where he is accused of burying and de masking wrestlers, though he shares it with Eric Bischoff) and Japan (where he is reviled for killing the drawing power of wrestlers like no limit and viewed as a racist). Russo does have his friends and defenders in the business, but even many of them are quick to highlight his faults while talking about his strengths.

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