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YMMV: Vince Russo
  • Base Breaker: Russo is either a delusional idiot who never contributed anything good to wrestling, a pretty good wrestling writer who struggled when given complete control, or, rarely, an ahead-of-his-time genius visionary
  • Genius Bonus: Russo, particularly during his time in WCW, has been fond of referencing obscure pieces of wrestling trivia, often as punchlines. Naturally, because Smart Marks are a niche segment of the professional wrestling fanbase, they tend to fall awkwardly flat.
    • For example: during Russo's time as WCW booker, there was a confrontation between Eric Bischoff and Sid Vicious on Nitro. Bischoff was making fun of Sid for being reluctant to hit him and lose his job as a result. Bischoff said "What's the matter Sid, can't find your scissors?" Those in the know would recognize this as a reference to a real-life altercation Sid once had with Arn Anderson, in which Sid stabbed Arn with a pair of scissors. But most of the people watching that show had never heard of the incident, and were wondering why the hell Eric was talking about scissors all of a sudden.
  • The Mole: During his run with WCW, many fans and even a few wrestlers suspected that he was a double agent sent in by Vince McMahon to sabotagethe competition from within. He wasn't.
  • Shocking Swerve: The Trope Namer.

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