YMMV / Vince Flynn

  • Anvilicious: Vince Flynn really liked beating his readers over the head, with the following messages popping up ad nauseam in his books:
    • Torture Always Works
    • The Constitution is important until it becomes inconvenient to fighting the War on Terror, at which point it should be tossed out the window at the earliest opportunity.
    • Armchair Military liberals are always wrong and should not be allowed a say in how the war is being fought. Except President Hayes is a Democrat and portrayed as incredibly sensible and wise.
  • Acceptable Targets: Politicians (especially liberal ones) and terrorists.
  • Designated Hero: Mitch Rapp, full stop. He's Jack Bauer without Jack's humanity or Pet the Dog moments. He claims that he dislikes torture, but is almost gleeful when using it. He claims to respect the Constitution, but freely admits he's willing to break any law at the drop of a hat. He flat out murders unarmed, restrained prisoners yet wonders why the DOJ and Congress want to launch inquires into his actions.
  • Memetic Badass: Mitch becomes one to the counterterrorism industry at large and to people otherwise 'in the know' after he is outed as an assassin in Executive Power.
  • Magnificent Bastard: David during Executive Power. By manipulating Mossad and the leaders of several terrorist groups, and with a few key assassinations, he is able to turn world and American opinion against Israel and nearly gain recognition for a Palestinian state.
  • Tear Jerker: The extremly painful and torturous demise of Mike Nash's friend in executive order, the demise of Ann Rapp, Mitch's Stan Hurley getting a diagnosis of 6 months to live in The Last Man and now Vince Flynn himself who tragically passed away on 20/6/13.
  • Jerkass: Ben Friedman, director of Mossad. Has a borderline Sociopathic disregard for anything in his way and even crosses the Moral Event Horizon when he has two Apache Helicopter gunships destroy a city block with innocent civilians
  • Strawman Has a Point: The (inevitably liberal) senators and Justice Department investigators are presented as being incompetent bleeding hearts because they decry Mitch Rapp as being a borderline sociopath who's all too happy to resort to torture. The problem is they're absolutely right. Rapp considers torture to be a first resort and barely blinks an eye at going after, and even killing, other Americans without trial. The only reason Rapp isn't an out and out villain is because the terrorists he hunts are worse than him. They're also supposedly evil for trying to hamstring the CIA at every turn, but they correctly point out that the CIA is essentially a Renegade Splinter Faction to the U.S. government. The director of the CIA even assassinates the Vice President-elect of the United States yet it's presented to be a patriotic act instead of a horrific subversion of the Constitution.
  • Woobie : Mitch during his Heroic B.S.O.D., and David due to his traumatized past, Claudia also counts when she realises her Husband failed to make sure Ann Rapp would not be killed in his assassination attempt