YMMV / Videodrome

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: All over the place due to the movie featuring frequent hallucinations as the main character's brain becomes more and more affected by the Videodrome signal. Was Nicky ever real to begin with? Is Brian Convex truly leading a sinister conspiracy from an optometrist's office? Is Bianca O'Blivion leading a valiant resistance against Videodrome, or is she no better than them?
  • Awesome Music: A creepy atmospheric, vaguely electronic score by Howard Shore.
  • Values Resonance: Although the movie takes it to acid-trip and Body Horror levels and applied to television, its prediction that people would primarily contact each other through videoscreen machines, adopt "strange new names" (i.e. online avatars), and become increasingly intertwined with a virtual world has become more relevant with the prevalant role of the internet in everyday life. Even the satirical element of having unscrupulous Moral Guardians trying to control it to advance their own ideology has become strangely prophetic in light of the 2017 crackdown on internet free speech.