YMMV / Video Game Confessions

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The premise of this series.
    • There's also some examples from within the show itself. For example, was Daisy telling the truth about Peach's plan for world conquest? Or is she just crazy/trolling Dominic?
  • Awesome Music: The main theme, Last Call at The Pixel Palace. Initially a piano number in early episodes, a chiptune version was later made that now serves as the theme (a sample of which can be heard on composer Skitch's website, while the full version is on the ThatGuyWithTheCD CD).
  • Bizarro Episode: The followup to the Solid Snake episode. All you need to know are 9 words: "[T]hen, all of a sudden, the box started talking."
  • Cargo Ship: Solid Snake and his box.
  • Crazy Awesome: See Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.
    • There's also Duke Nukem, a guy who made a concept for a game that was so amazing, people would actually buy it twice! After hearing the concept Dominic himself couldn't disagree with that notion.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Link is portrayed as an adulterer and heartbreaker.
    • Peach is apparently a diabolical genius who pretends to be helpless Damsel in Distress so people don't realize she's trying to conquer the world.
  • The Woobie: If Snake is to be believed, he is one.