YMMV / Victorian Romance Emma

  • Base Breaker: William is the other side of the love story, so obviously he's very important, but many audiences find him boring, and dislike how he can at times be ignorantly insensitive towards others. This is particularly true of his treatment of Eleanor, who he unconsciously started using as a distraction after Emma left and who he proposed to impulsively despite well knowing that he was still pining after Emma, and then soon after broke it off. In his defense he felt terrible about the whole situation and did not wish to hurt her, and even tried to distance himself before things got out of hand. Ultimately however, he really didn't think about the consequences of his actions through enough.
  • Crazy Awesome: Monica. Her suddenly popping up in Indian dress and double slapping William is one of the series' Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Die for Our Ship: Eleanor gets this from time to time.
  • Genius Bonus: For non-British viewers at least. When the Molder's maid Polly expresses a desire to accompany the family on their next visit to London so she can apply for a well-paying job she saw advertised in the newspaper, Hans tells her it's a scam to lure in naive country girls because the address listed is in Whitehall, which he claims is one of the worst slums in the city. Actually, the Whitehall area has been the center of the British government for centuries and is easily one of the most high-class and respectable areas of London. Given that Emma is the other maid under consideration to make the trip, and Hans is practically guaranteed to go as well, it makes one doubt if he was truly mistaken.
  • Keep Circulating The Books: The manga was released in full in North America between 2006 and 2010. It proved to be one of CMX's best-selling titles, but that still couldn't keep the series out of limbo after DC Comics shut down CMX shortly after Emma's final volume was published. Nowadays it is extraordinarily difficult to find on the used market.
    • No longer the case, as in 2015 the series was rescued by Yen Press.
  • Lighter and Softer: Of interclass Victorian romance. Will's parents may come as snobbish to modern readers, but for the standards of the 19th century they are shockingly easy about their son's marriage; compare Vanity Fair. In Real Life, if cutting a rebellious son off the family supplies hadn't worked, the only thing the couple could expect was to be boycotted by society and their own family.
  • Toy Ship: In the Distant Finale, both Erich and Vivi and Colin and Ilse respectively have struck up rather close friendships. While the former is rather nice, the latter is adorable!