YMMV / Vexx

  • Awesome Music: Like the soundtrack? You can listen to it here!
  • Complete Monster: Dark Yabu and his Shadowraiths once invaded the planet of Astara, being repealed after a arduous battle with the resistance warriors. He returns 700 years later and this time enslaves the people of the Overwood village to work in the mines. Yabu kills the village guardian Vargas when he rises against him and keeps his soul trapped in an amulet, where he would feed on the old man's despair until he no longer existed. Later in the game, it is revealed that he is Darby, the seemingly-kind old man who helped Vexx on his quest; Yabu deceived Vexx so he would open the portal to the worlds to him. As Yabu overpowers Vexx and the last of the Astani, Reia, he reveals to them his ultimate plan: devouring the entire planet. Even after his defeat by Vexx, he vows that his hate would keep him active. Even though the game is not a lighthearted one, Yabu still stands out as an intimidating and unusually cruel creature.
  • Cult Classic: A very small, almost downplayed example. While the game wasn't an outright failure, it's so obscure that while some people might like it, the game's fanbase is more than likely somewhere in the hundreds...globally.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: The game has a learning curve that looks almost like a solid wall, but it is possible to complete the game flawlessly with everything collected.
  • Fridge Horror: Early on in the game, Darby mentions that even if you do kill a Wraith, the heart will never vanish. It seems like it was just added to explain why the Wraithhearts are still around, but after you kill Dark Yabu, his heart never shows up. That could hint that Vexx didn't actually kill him, and means that Yabu could easily come back...
  • Good Bad Bugs: Normally, when you leave a level, the level resets, respawning all of its items and getting rid of any Shards or Soul Jars you've collected. Collecting a Wraithheart serves as a level exit and teleports you back to the Hub Level... but if the Wraitheart is one you've already collected, the level doesn't reset and it's essentially a free teleport back to the level's entrance. This is immensely helpful in collecting Shards and Wraithearts, as it lets you bypass all sorts of obstacles that would normally kill you on your way back.
    • In Tempest Peak Manor, there's a Hobbletrod on the left arm of the sofa that if knocked off onto a very specific spot on the cushion, will become stuck and invincible, allowing you to uppercut it repeatedly for endless lives.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The enemy designs. They start out pretty creepy, and then night rolls around and they get even worse.
    • The backstory behind the Citadel of Shadows could be considered this, as it is hinted in Reia's journals that the Citadel has turned the area outside it into a frozen wasteland by draining the energy straight out of the planet. Also, if one zooms in on the Citadel while outside it, you can see what looks like eyes...
  • That One Level: The Citadel of Shadows. Do you like plummeting to your death on a regular basis? Or maybe the giant engine rings that move fast, take half your health with one hit, and can cause you to get stunned in mid-air? We hope so!
  • That One Sidequest:
    • Any of the Wraitheart missions where you have to climb up the inside of a tower. You will curse the name "Model Castle" for the rest of your life. And that's not even mentioning the "sequel", Sand Castle, which you have to go through half of Model Castle just to get to. And THEN you have to do some complicated acrobatics over a bottomless pit and make a very tricky jump just to get INTO the damn place, and once you're in, it just gets harder and harder. And if you fail, at any time (which is very easy)? You have to go ALL THE WAY BACK TO TIMBERDALE (yes, Sand Castle is in Dragonreach, but the entrance to it is in Model Castle, which is in Timberdale - Guide Dang It!), back through Model Castle and into the entrance again. And the worst part? This is the SECOND WORLD IN THE WHOLE GAME. And the later worlds are MUCH harder. What makes this even worse is that Acclaim WROTE a better hint for this mission that downright stated it was "within Timberdale spire," but it ended up unused.
    • Wraithheart #7 in Frostblight Mills, which is hidden underneath the island and requires the Air Suit to get to. Have you mastered the Air Suit? If not, have fun constantly flying past the heart until time runs out and you fall to your death.
    • All of the hearts in the Citadel of Shadows can be considered this, due to the bottomless pits, engine rings, and precision platforming and timing.
  • Vindicated by History: While the game still is obscure, most who remember it view Vexx as an extremely underappreciated gem, with some gamers even putting it among the likes of Psychonauts and Klonoa.