YMMV / Vandal Savage

Millennia worth of experience may cause variance on the matter, but...

  • Complete Monster:
  • Evil Is Cool: An immortal supervillain who practically invented evil, has fought virtually every great superhero in DC's canon and lived to tell the tale, and makes every move with style.
  • Foe Yay: Primarily with the Immortal Man and Resurrection Man, but also with Wally West during his stint as the Flash.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Considering just how much of a scheming, sadistic, bloodthirsty animal this man is, and the number of centuries he's had to commit his atrocities, it's difficult to say just when he crossed the point of no return (if ever there was one for him); however, any one of the following events are good contenders: destroying the legendary Atlantis through the manipulation of the then-newly-formed Illuminati; razing Montevideo, Uruguay alongside the artificial sun Solaris in a plot to assassinate Superman-Prime; kidnapping a little girl and burying her alive in a booby-trapped graveyard in an attempt to kill the Flash; orchestrating the near-rape of his daughter; putting a hit on the lives of the Secret Six to blackmail Scandal into producing an heir for him...of these and other moments, take your pick.
    • Arguably his very first crossing came when the meteor that gave him immortality crash landed and instead of letting his father, the chief, take control of it he instead decides to bash his head in for no true reason. Effectively being the first murderer.
  • My Real Daddy: Christopher Priest, usually. Priest's Savage had a lot more depth than most iterations, and was arguably the most Magnificent Bastard in all of the DCU.
  • Older Than They Think: Ironically, Wizard magazine, the most "mainstream" magazine on comic books, once contemptuously referred to him as "a cheap Ra's al Ghul knockoff". Actually, Vandal Savage predates Ra's by twenty eight years—Savage first appeared in 1943, while Ra's appeared in 1971.