YMMV / Vandal Savage

Millennia worth of experience may cause variance on the matter, but...

  • Complete Monster:
    • Vandal Savage practically invented evil as a human concept. Born Vandar Adg, a caveman who received super intellect and immortality from a meteorite, Savage used his endless life to become the biggest monster he could. Over the millennia, he has been one of the most vicious and depraved men in history and one of the most efficient manipulators in the DCU, with billions of bodies to his name. Savage has spent his time as The Man Behind the Man to many conquerors, organizing conquests and massacres. Vandal has also fathered legions of monsters, but with the exception of one child, he considers the rest pathetic and treats their lives or deaths as not worthy of his attention. His treatment toward his sole legitimate child, Scandal, was no better: on her birthday, he forced her to run a gauntlet of men beating her, and if she failed, he swore he'd murder her mother. Despite Scandal being a lesbian, Vandal wants a male heir- and has no compunction having Scandal raped by other supervillains to get it. Vandal's crimes have also including introducing a new drug in the stead of heroin that burns out its users to death very quickly, multiple murders and cannibalism (which he might well have invented as a concept), attempting to pull an asteroid down to earth and murdering Golden Age superheroes with their families after founding a Neo-Nazi group called The Fourth Reich. His sole motives are fun, boredom, or to shape the world in his twisted image.
    • In Justice League: Doom, he is a conqueror with genocidal plans for the planet. He manages to steal the protocols that Batman designed to defeat the Justice League in case one or more members of the Justice League turn evil. Savage makes these protocols more lethal and sadistic and then uses them to take out the Justice League. After his Legion of Doom seemingly triumphs over the Justice League, Vandal Savage informs them he plans to conquer the world by using a missile that will cause a solar flare that will kill half the world's population. This event will also render the rest of the world's population so weak and helpless that they will naturally accept his leadership.
  • Foe Yay: Primarily with the Immortal Man and Resurrection Man, but also with Wally West during his stint as the Flash.
  • Magnificent Bastard: He behaves magnificently, and he's a bastard of a man.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Considering just how much of a scheming, sadistic, bloodthirsty animal this man is, and the number of centuries he's had to commit his atrocities, it's difficult to say just when he crossed the point of no return (if ever there was one for him); however, any one of the following events are good contenders: destroying the legendary Atlantis through the manipulation of the then-newly-formed Illuminati; razing Montevideo, Uruguay alongside the artificial sun Solaris in a plot to assassinate Superman-Prime; kidnapping a little girl and burying her alive in a booby-trapped graveyard in an attempt to kill the Flash; orchestrating the near-rape of his daughter; putting a hit on the lives of the Secret Six to blackmail Scandal into producing an heir for him...of these and other moments, take your pick.
  • My Real Daddy: Christopher Priest (comics), usually. Priest's Savage had a lot more depth than most iterations, and was arguably the most Magnificent Bastard in all of the DCU.
  • Older Than They Think: Ironically, Wizard magazine, the most "mainstream" magazine on comic books, once contemptuously referred to him as "a cheap Ra's al Ghul knockoff". Actually, Vandal Savage predates Ra's by twenty eight years-—Savage first appeared in 1943, while Ra's appeared in 1971.