YMMV / Vandal Hearts

  • Contested Sequel:
    • Vandal Hearts II. Some find the game a step down from its predecessor due to its rather clunky new battle system, lack of a clear class system, and lack of the highly praised CG sequences and narration. Others, however, find the game a massive upgrade from Vandal Hearts I thanks to its greatly expanded story (the fist game only lasts about 15 hours, while II can last over 40), its greater focus character development and world building, and its generally great attention to detail (the equipment a character is wearing changes their sprite, some maps feature different enemies and treasure depending on the time of day, etc).
    • Flames of Judgment ended up being this to fans of both games, due to its cartoonish art style that resembles a mobile game, dumbed down gameplay when compared to the first game, and a far weaker story and characters when compared to the second game.
  • Game-Breaker: The secret Vandalier class from the first game. It has all spells in the entire game, enemy spells included, the highest attack and defence values, no natural weakness, and it blocks all attacks from the front and most attacks from the sides. It can one-shot every enemy it encounters except for the final boss, and that includes the final boss's second form. It even has the unique ability to "cast" items as spells... except they all cost zero MP, essentially giving him infinite health, MP and so much more, giving the impression that the devs rewarded the players with a Debug Mode. The only downside is that Ash looks like a chicken.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Two from the first game:
    • Dolf. There is hardly a single character in the entire game that wouldn't have been better off without his meddling schemes.
    • Zohar Abu Sa'id. He managed to escape the time warp pocket dimension and lay his wayward (read: psychotic power hungry) former apprentice to rest. With really cool magic.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Vandal Hearts, 2nd chapter, 1st mission. The pre-battle sequence is completely creepy, seeing green-skinned humans, moving like crazed zombies, with creepy music, and creepy sound effects to advance the dialogue. Not to mention the creepy sound the Evil Statues produce! Brrrr....!
  • The Scrappy: Two character classes from the first Vandal Hearts are particularly unpopular with most players.
    • The armour classes have huge attack and defence, but their terrible movement means they'll never keep up with your sword wielders and flyers. Plus, they're incredibly weak to magic which becomes increasingly prevalent as the game continues.
    • And the monk classes, which for the enemies mean a durable and annoying foe with no exploitable weaknesses. For you it means taking one of your few spellcasters, giving them mediocre stats all round in a game based on specific class roles and a poor selection of spells.
  • That One Boss: From the first game, Kane as the Black Knight in the final chapter, 1st mission with his Plasma Wave, which deals heavy magical damage to EVERYONE IN YOUR PARTY. And he stands next to an MP recovering panel, and there's still some imperial troops guarding him. Although if Ash becomes a Vandalier before this battle, you can return the favor with your own Plasma Wave. In fact, if you are really patient and don't smash through the barrier, you can actually slowly kill Kane with multiple Plasma Waves and, with the barrier intact, he never turns into the Black Knight. The ending of the battle is still the same.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: The collapse of Nigran Cathedral in Vandal Hearts II, with symbolism helpfully pointed out by Baron Pratau.