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YMMV: Van Beuren Studios
  • Acceptable Targets: The Cubby Bear episode "Indian Whoopie" which is based around once acceptable stereotypes of North American Natives.
  • Archive Panic: 190 sound cartoons alone, and 347 silent Aesop's Fables films (although how many still exist isn't known).
  • Cult Classic: The shorts have a surprisingly large fan following for such an esoteric studio (to where an entire facebook group for the studio shares billing alongside Terry Toons), due in part to how easy its become to view all the cartoons, and the surreal, Fleischer-esque qualities of the pre-1934 shorts.
  • Growing the Beard: Zigzagged. It's generally agreed that the studio made a substantial upgrade in it's production values from 1934 and onward, due in part to slicker inking, larger budgets which allowed more polished animation and an upgrade to Technicolor, thanks in part to the studio bringing in Disney alumni Burt Gillett, who had previously directed the hit short Three Little Pigs. Unfortunately, with the exception of the Toonerville Trolley shorts, the cartoons became substantially less entertaining and more derivative of Disney as a side effect, and the studios inability to create a hit character series still lingered to where they started adapting hit comic strips of the day instead (and Gillett reeked havoc on the studio internally due to his blatant personality flaws and indecisive, perfectionist directing style). And then RKO ironically cancelled their distribution contract in favor of screening the Disney shorts anyway, abruptly sending the studio to its grave in 1936.

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