YMMV / Vampires Dawn

  • Anticlimax Boss: When conquering Asgar's castle in Ancient Blood Jinnai alerts you to a monster which guards it. As it turns out, it's Ronak, and he's very happy to see you again.
  • Contested Sequel: While the fans agree that neither game is bad, you'll find people who are very disappointed or bored by everything the second game changed from the first one. You'll also find many people who think it surpassed even the highest expectations they had. And some who think that both games are good, but have their flaws.
    • Some fans feel it's an Even Better Sequel: Reign of Blood was good, but Ancient Blood was amazing in scope and had a much more complex and dramatic story, not to mention many refined mechanics.
    • Another part of the fanbase feels that the sequel is actually lacking in scope. Ancient Blood's plot is very linear in comparison to Reign of Blood's. Your objective always remains the same: Assemble the tablet pieces and solve the mystery involving Pharaoh Ustra. Some fans feel that conquering the castles, getting the dungeon keys and beating the dungeons are just filler to reach that goal without actually adding anything to the story. In contrast, Reign of Blood requires the player to figure out what needs to be done step by step. The fact that the sequel lacks major boss battles like Molona and Abraxas in the first game adds to the game having a very different pace.
  • Fridge Logic: In order to resurrect Alaine, Asgar needs the blood of a human who slept with a vampire. So he finds Valnar. Why exactly couldn't he just sleep with a random human and use their blood? A throwaway line in Reign of Blood mentions that this human must also be in love with that vampire, but by Ancient Blood this doesn't seem to apply anymore.
  • Game-Breaker: In the second game, Mirror is a spell that makes you immune to all but physical attacks and reflects all skills back to the attacker. It's balanced, as it's an expensive spell. But then there's a helmet which provides a permanent mirror state. If a character wears this in combination with another item that makes them immune to physical attacks, they become literally invincible.
  • Player Punch:
    • The Elras kill Ronak the Minotaur off and throw his head at your feet near the end of Ancient Blood.
    • At several plot points in Ancient Blood, if you have taken a fourth ally, they will instantly die. While all are easily replaceable, it's still pretty mean if you have gotten attached to having them in your group.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: The sheer number of sidequests in Ancient Blood, the treasure maps which encourage the player to discover secret locations on the world map and get all the goodies in those dungeons, as well as the necessity to collect as many souls as possible over and over again make it possible to reach a really high level without ever entering a single storyline-related dungeon. The increasingly stronger attacks on your castles are the only thing that motivates the player to deal with, you know, the war with the insane mages and assembling the stone tablet and all. But otherwise you can Take Your Time.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Nyria. Her story had much more potential than being a Decoy Protagonist and providing exposition from the Holy Warrior Clan's point of view. Especially since with the fourth party slot, she could have easily become an 11th-Hour Ranger. Sure, she suffers from Can't Catch Up by that point compared to the vampires, but nothing that could not be fixed with some Leaked Experience or an Emergency Transformation.
  • Wangst: Valnar doesn't take Aysha's death and his new existence as a vampire well.