YMMV / Vampirella

  • Best Known for the Fanservice: All know her iconic Stripperific red sling suit.
  • Broken Base: Vampirella's 2016 outfit has been called out by many fans for not being sexy enough while others point out a skintight roller derby outfit with a leather jacket is Fetish Fuel by itself. Vampirella #0, released in 2017, has ditched the new outfit in favor of the older.
  • Complete Monster: Von Kreist was once a Prussian soldier on the Western Front of World War I who was equally fascinated and horrified by the mindless slaughter he witnessed. He later made a Deal with the Devil for immortality, only to find out that his body would continue to decay while his soul could not pass on. He has since made himself a Psycho for Hire for whatever vampire clan will provide him a fresh supply of victims while aiding their plans to reduce humanity to cattle, each time killing huge numbers of people in the process. He takes the two teenage daughters of a disobedient mafia boss hostage and forces him to choose which of them will live, then shoots the daughter the man chose so the surviving one will have to live with the knowledge of her father giving her a death sentence. Then he orders her to kill her father and turns the dead sister into a vampire before later slashing the latter's throat when she has a flash of conscience. Von Kreist is also a prolific Serial Killer and Serial Rapist on the side, with one of his victims shown having her eyelids, mouth, and limbs stitched together. His quarry even extends to children, as he intentionally crashes a damaged plane into a children's playground and casually throws a child off a bridge while insisting to his men that he's "rotten to the core" and "wouldn't have it any other way". Initially destroyed, he is resurrected in the body of Sofia Murray, one of Vampirella's closest friends, by a descendant of his who wanted to destroy Von Kreist's soul to atone for his crimes. After failing to kill his grandson, Von Kreist later offers up Sofia's life as part of a new alliance he forged with Dracula. As a human with no real superpowers of his own beyond his immortality, Von Kreist doesn't even have the excuse of being born a monster and stands out as one of the vampiress Vampirella's most disgusting foes.
  • Continuity Lockout: Happened with the Brandon Jerwa run of Vampirella in Dynamite. Ben introduced many characters from the old Warren and Harris comics which Dynamite fans would not have been familiar with as well as a cosmic conflict between Order and Chaos that involves science fiction elements as well as time travel. This resulted in the Gainax Ending of the first Dynamite series and a complete continuity reboot.
  • Internet Backdraft: Vampirella's 2016 costume is a Base Breaker as many fans quite like it and many fans quite hate it. It's been changed back in the 2017 volume.
  • Iron Woobie: Vampirella is definitely this in the 2010 series. Her lover Adam Van Helsing is dead. The world hates and fears her. The Catholic Church is an untrustworthy ally at best, always ready to betray her, and most of her human friends are dead. Oh and she lives in a Crapsack World full of evil. She also doesn't know which of her two contradictory backstories is true. The fact she continues to fight on against all odds makes her heroism all the more impressive.
  • Les Yay:
    • Sofia Murray and Vampirella had quite a bit in the 2010 series.
    • This was pretty much the entire point of her crossover with Purgatori.
    • Virtually all of Vampirella's female foes tend to have this with her from Le Fanu to Slade.
  • Narm: The character of Lukas Van Helsing who appears as Vampirella and Adam Van Helsing's adult son in Hell, the circumstances of his conception are never explained, and then he disappears without a trace.
  • Tear Jerker: The Warren times story "The Night Willa Jane Gornley Went Home" is one of nuclear dimensions. The protagonist is a horrible disfigured child. Even her step parents, who are really good people, hesitate to touch her. She fantasizes she's an alien left on the wrong planet. And then one night an UFO lands, and out steps a dude who for the first time takes her into his arms without hesitation. You guessed it, the dude is Death. Any resemblence to Andersens "Matchstick Girl" is purely coincidental.
  • Theiss Titillation Theory: How she keeps that outfit on is a mystery. In fact, that was the biggest reason it was changed in the movie.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: In addition to other complaints about the 2016 costume redesign was the complaint that it ripped off Claire Redfield's outfit from Resident Evil 2, changing only the colors, the logo, and the boots.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The death of Perky Goth Servile Snarker The Renfield Sofia was anti-climatic after numerous issues setting her up as Vampirella's friend, confidant, and sidekick. The fact she was killed while still possessed by Von Kreist makes it all the more irritating.
  • Unnecessary Makeover: Harris Comics made her outfit progressively skimpier until its creator called it "Dental Floss." This despite she was already one of the most provocative, sensual, and flirtatious women in comics. The Broken Base example also shows some people think remaking her costume is problematic for the same reasons in reverse.
  • Values Dissonance: Vampirella's iconic bathing suit was created by feminist comic artist Trina Robbins as an example of open female sexuality and lack of shame. It has since been criticized by many feminists for being overly sexualized.