YMMV / Valkyria Chronicles III

  • Demonic Spiders: The Darscsen Knights (haha) from Calamity Raven. They are immune to rifle and machine gun fire, and they have a ridiculously high shield block ratio. Their machine guns can rip apart tanks. They regenerate HP like no one else. And you can't shove them aside with your tank. The V2 units from VC2 might as well wear cardboard armors and carry airsoft guns, compared to them.
  • Even Better Sequel: This improves upon the previous games's strong points while having larger area maps and having a cast akin to the first game's. While there's a few negative changes compared to previous games, this more or less mixes the best traits of the previous two games. Too bad there's no plans for a release (for now; with VC 1 PC being such a hit..)
  • Game-Breaker: Tanks. Moreso then in previous entries, because now taking action with your Tank only costs ONE CP, no matter its size. As usual, the Tank wades through small arms fire and serves as a great shield. Note that the tank's AP pool depends on the chassis, with Light Tanks having the highest AP and Heavy Tanks the lowest.
    • Despite being a PREQUEL, Armored Techs are even MORE useful here then they were in 2. When they end they turn, they crouch down and plant their shield on the ground in front of them, providing a handy curtain of frontal cover from incoming enemy fire. Possibly justified in that it seems the Nameless are used as Guinea Pigs for experimental military tech. It should be noted, however, that unless the player has them crouch (near the sandbags) beforehand, they will still take normal damage (headshots included) if they are attacked from the sides or behind.
    • Snipers. Triple-shot snipers. You want them, you need them. It's the pinnacle of eliteness to blast the head of the Darcsen Knights from halfway across the map, and you HAVE to do this because there is effectively no other way to deal with them save for going Valkyria.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Kurt and Gusurg. The former goes a very long way toward bringing the latter back to his arm... err, to Gallia's arm. Even though the latter is totally a Smug Snake. It doesn't work, and Gusurg dies as a traitor.
    • Kurt and Serge.
      "If you have no reason to live, then live for me!"
      • A scene in Chapter 13 is worth noting: when Kurt tells Valery that he isn't interested in the Festival of Spirits, Valery tells him to keep such thoughts to himself instead of letting other girls now. When Kurt asks the reason, Valery answers by pointing at Serge, who looks downed and proceeds to awkwardly leave the scene.
    • Arguably, Giulio and Felix. They suspiciously often appear together (although admittedly, also accompanied by Serge) and interact with each other a lot. There is also this scene from Felix's Fragment mission.
      • In Carisa's Fragment in the Extra Edition, Clarissa suddenly brought up Felix's name after Giulio praised Carisa and her alleged Hot Bloodedness. Gisele proceeded to associate the whole Hot-Blooded thing with body heat. Taken out of context, the ladies looked like they were being Shippers On Deck for those two.
  • That One Boss: Echidna, everytime. It spawns the aforementioned Darcsen Knights en masse, and the unique power of its BFG blasts the battlefield in a straight line. Also, Lydia's command can revive the Darcsen Knights to full health.
  • That One Level:
    • When you fight Echidna for the first time in Mellvere. You have to capture 3 points on a wide, coverless city square and 2 of them are guarded by Darcsen Knights. At this point, you don't have sniper rifles yet and your tank is most likely mediocre, making for a very frustrating experience. Oh, and the required party member Avan is useless.
    • Any time you must face the Gallian Army, since their weaponry can massacre your units very quickly if you're not careful, and their tanks and lancers are capable of ransacking the Nameless Tank in 2-3 shots even if you're using the armored heavy tank, let alone your normal units. This gets worse in Chapter 17 since three of the missions involve escorting an APC while under their fire and you must finish the battles within 6 turns. On the better side, their tanks' defense is weaker than the Imperial or CR tanks, so as long as they are taken care of your units should be relatively safe.