YMMV / Valiant Comics

  • Adaptation Displacement: The most well known version of Turok, that is the N64 game, was based on the Acclaim era reboot of the title.
    • Similarly, Shadow Man is better known for the Acclaim-created videogame duology than for the original comic character. To the extent that the actual Shadow Man article is devoted solely to the videogame and only mentions the concept's origin as a comic character as an almost throw-away bottom line.
  • Cult Classic: Go to San Diego Comic Con and ask around about Valiant comics.
  • Executive Meddling On a truly epic, and company killing scale:
    • It's even more apparent how far the meddling must have gone when one realizes many of the initial batch of writers on the Acclaim titles...Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Christopher Priest, etc. would seem to be the ideal writers to create a fresh, exciting new super-hero universe.
      • Well, the original X-O Manowar was Visigothic warrior that get abducted by spider aliens and steals their power armor. Very original, and unique, and that's why it's fans liked it. The Mark Waid reboot was basically Captain America in the Iron Man suit, not bad, but not what the fan where used to, and better suited to an entirly new book than X-O Manowar.
      • Waid was basically given a situation begun in the all-but-forgotten X-O/Iron Man crossover, where the coda inexplicably has an alternate Aric find alternate armor at the end but not go to the future via abduction. So he had to spin off a book from a hook in a book hardly anyone read...because...well...just because.
      • The reason was there was an Iron Man/X-O Manowar game coming out by Accliam around the same time as the reboot. A game that sucked.
    "Hey guys! We just got the license from Marvel to make an Iron Man game! Let's milk this for all it's worth! I know! Let's have a pointless crossover! (because that turned out so well in the past.) We can make the game and the comic tie-in! Say? Weren't we also going to reboot soon? No problem, let's just make the crossover part of the reboot to avoid confussion.
    • Though signs of serious creative decay could be seen in the entire line some years before the purchase by Acclaim. Probably it began around the time of the ill-conceived Deathmate crossover with Image Comics (yes, Rob Liefeld was involved). After that, "kewl" artist and speculator-driven concepts began to infest even their best titles.
      • Oh yes, Deathmate
      • It should be noted that only two of the studios comprised Image at the time actually participated in the crossover - Rob Liefeld's Extreme Studios and Jim Lee's Wildstorm Studios. The other Image creators (Erik Larsen, Todd MacFarlane and Jim Valentino) either had no interest in the Valiant titles, or thought the crossover sounded like a really bad idea. How right they were!
      • At its core, Deathmate's failure was due to the Schedule Slip that all of the Image studios (Jim Lee's studio wasn't as egregious, but Liefeld's and MacFarlane's became infamous for it) suffered from. One could argue the other creators had enough trouble working on their own titles to participate in a crossover with a rival company, no less a company that at the time had supplanted Image from its #3 publisher slot (which Image itself had taken from Dark Horse Comics).
      • One can possibly trace the inevitable downfall back even earlier, to the point where the venture capitalists who helped fund the company pushed Jim Shooter out of his job. Since he was the one pushing hardest for strong plots and a certain degree of internal consistency, his absence opened the door to many of the gimmick-driven problems that would ultimately kill the company.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Fans of Valiant HATE Image Comics with a passion, partly because of Deathmate, partly because they feel cheated that Image is still around and Valiant (which they view the the far superior company) isn't, or at least wasn't until recently.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In the new version of X-O Manowar, Aric's invasion of Romania and the Russian response to it are kind of eerie now that there's a difficult situation unfolding in Crimea in the real world.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: One thing Accliam has shown us, is that it's a BAD IDEA to pull a full on Continuity Reboot after only 7 years.