YMMV / Uwakoi

  • Deconstruction: Of harem-genre and Really Gets Around. Male main character has sex with many pretty girls but here he can't control his libido so he can't limit himself to the "main" female character. He quickly questions himself what he really wants yet he can't. Other people who are shown having sex also shown to have and run from their inner problem.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Yukiteru and Yuno share the names with the two main leads in the manga Future Diary
  • Spiritual Antithesis: Manga/Uwakoi is this for his earlier work Aki Sora, where both series have protagonists who are effeminate Really Gets Around teenage boys and feature many blatant sex with young, pretty girls. Ironically, while the latter deals with forbidden relationship between main characters, it has more chance to achieve happy end than the former. It does so because the latter is played as (mostly) light hearted typical ecchi series and Uwakoi is played for drama and deconstruction of Really Gets Around behavior of its' characters.