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YMMV: Ushio and Tora
  • Complete Monster:
    • Hakumen no Kono qualifies as a Complete Monster from the first few chapters of his introduction. He's literally born from hatred and rage from Tora when he was human, thus has no positive qualities. He delights in destroying countries, having done so for thousands of years until 800 years before the story he was hit by the Beast Spear, and Japan's Bakemono and Human population teamed up to defeat him. In response, he holed himself up below Japan...and if he was removed, the entire country would sink. From both Ushio's and Mayuko's families, a Barrier Maiden is chosen to keep him imprisoned...but after 800 years, he got stronger. His worst acts are during the time between the weakening of Ushio's mom's barrier and his awakening. First he sends his Bushin's out to attack the Kohemei Sect and Japan, one of which manipulates an boy named Kirio by becoming his mother figure. Then he uses a special type of demon to systematically wipe out everyone's memories of Ushio and Tora, including Asako and Mayuko. When he awakens he ceases no time whatsoever causing fear and hatred by nuking an entire island 'TWICE while Japan sinks.
    • Guren, The Dragon to Hakumen no Mono, was a vicious mercenary and murderer in life before he found the Beast Spear. Enjoying nothing so much as killing others, he used the Beast Spear on human beings until it devoured his humanity, leaving him as the monstrous, black-furred Guren. Guren would spend the centuries hunting down and devouring humans: men, women and children without discriminating. Finally, he devoured the family of a man who would take the name Hyou and the two inflicted wounds and scars on one another, earning a mutual hatred. Hyou would hunt down Guren, following the trail of his atrocities. In their final duel, Guren attempted to gain the upper hand by holding a woman and her child hostage, knowing Hyou would be reminded of his own family. Guren planned to kill Hyou when his guard was down- and devour the humans as a post-victory treat.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: So very many, but I think the weak Izuna, when told things would be decided in a battle, and he was the only one not locked up, all but immediately said, "Okay, where's my opponent?!".
  • Crowning Moment of Funny - The very first episode, when the then-unnamed Tora asks Ushio to free him from the spear. Ushio asks what Tora intends to do, and Tora replies that he'll eat him first and spread terror among humanity, heheheheHAHAHAHA~ooooooooowwwwwwww!!!! as Ushio starts stomping the spear deeper. And then he slips up and repeats the SAME THING when Ushio gives him a second hearing! Youtube here. Tora really can be a moron at times...
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming - The story arc with the snow-girl who falls in love with a human man... And her mother who lost her own.
    • Ushio and Tora also qualify! When the bakemon Kuin mocks Ushio's weakness, stupidity and lack of training compared to its master Kirio, Tora beats the crap out of it, then says to Ushio: "I don't know why I got really p*ssed off when he was saying that crap about you... BUT I still hate your guts!"
  • Tear Jerker - Lots, see Complete Monster entry for just one example. A good deal of the Bakemono in the story are given quite sad backstories.
    • One in particular is the death of Hizaki Mikado.
    • Minoru's father.
    • The part where either Asako or Mayuko must sacrifice herself to make a new Beast Spear that has everyone crying, even the bakemono who don't really want to do it either but have no other recourse. The whole arc becomes one long tearfest as important characters one by one vaguely recall someone who touched them Ushio and Tora but because of an enemy's attack, can't remember exactly who and why.
    • Nagare's backstory and reason for his Face-Heel Turn, as well as how they are revealed. The Hakumen no Mono enjoys causing this sort of thing.
  • The Woobie - You will want to give Tora AKA Shagakusha a hug once you learn his backstory. Same goes for Hyou.
    • So, SO many characters.
      • Some of the bakemono enemies even, though it doesn't excuse their reaction of massacring all humans they meet.
  • Uncanny Valley - So, Our Monsters Are Weird yes... Now add assorted limbs, faces and naughty bits that look COMPLETELY like an ordinary human's on almost random places on the bakemono's body, and it gets even freakier. Examples: A perfectly bad-ass looking crab bakemono which is then revealed to have HUMAN FACES on the inside of its claws; numerous lesser bakemono with mutiple HUMAN ARMS AND LEGS instead of more practical for fighting claws.

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