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YMMV: Usher
  • Ear Worm: A LOT of his music.
    • "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"
    • "These are my confessions..."
    • "You got it — you got it bad—"
    • "We're going nowhere fast; we've reached the climax..."
    • "Cause baby tonight! The DJ got us fallin' in love again!"
    • "You make me wanna say...Oh Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh- OH MY GOSH."
    • "If you wanna scream, yeaaaaaaaah!"
  • Never Live It Down: Calling Nashville a state on The Voice.
  • Signature Song: "Yeah!", "D.J. Got Us Fallin' in Love" or "Confessions".
  • The Woobie: One of his stepsons died after spending weeks in a coma that resulted from getting hit by a jet ski.
  • Yoko Oh No: His ex-wife Tameka Foster had this reaction from fans, with them calling her a gold digger and other names.

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