YMMV / Until Death Do Us Part

  • Complete Monster: Warlord Turus. He practices apartheid, having the "white" people of his country live in prosperity while the "black" people suffer horrific poverty and slavery, often being made into assassins just so they can have enough to eat, and not have their families brutalized by the "white squad." He constantly goes out of his way to commit war crimes and brutalize the soldiers, and civilians of other nations, and he kicked off the plot by sending his son, Edge Turus, to Japan to find people with "special powers and abilities." He cares nothing for any of his sons, not even Edge, and punishes failure with death, or worse. Oh, even with an iron grip on the press in his country, if a reporter or government official asks a question he does not like, that person could easily find himself being hung over a balcony being held by the throat. As of the latest chapters, it's revealed he's got a harem of at least a dozen women, caged in an underground facility, and they dare not refuse being surrogate mothers for Haruka's ova.
  • Evil is Sexy: Luna, second-in-command of the bad guys in the Chechnya flashback.