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YMMV: Unreal

The series as a whole

  • Broken Base: With each game, a split in the community happens. Almost half of the Unreal community will stick to the first Unreal Tournament, no matter what other Unreal is there. The remaining part has a notable presence of Unreal Tournament 2004 people, plus those who play the non-Tournament games and those who play Unreal Tournament III.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: The series in general suffers from this. UT3 is the worst offender.
  • Dork Age: Arguably, the period of Unreal II-Unreal Championship-Unreal Tournament 2003. The later two are officially dismissed by Epic themselves in the Unreal timeline.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Malcolm was one, prior to his ascension as main character in the series.
  • First Installment Wins:
    • "Second Installment Wins" in the whole saga.
    • The first Tournament and the first Unreal respectively are the most praised of the bunch.
  • Game Breaker: The Shock Rifle combo and the Sniper Rifle.

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