YMMV / Undeclared

  • Fridge Logic: In the Credit Card Plot episode, Lloyd and Ron max their credit cards buying stock. When that stock later soars, they are seen buying expensive stuff and goofing around with money. Where did they get the funds for that? Their cards were already tapped, and they hadn't cashed out of the stock market yet.
  • Moe - Rachel, but that was mainly the actress.
  • Retroactive Recognition: All of the actors are still active today, but most of them have become rather big names. Seth Rogen for Knocked Up (and most of Judd Apatow's other stuff), Jay Baruchel for How to Train Your Dragon and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Jason Segel for How I Met Your Mother, and Charlie Hunnam for Sons of Anarchy (at least in the US).
    • A Pre-Smallville Tom Welling has a brief moment in the pilot as one of the guys Steven invites to their party, and a pre-The Office (US) Jenna Fischer makes a few appearances.
    • Although Amy Poehler was already on Saturday Night Live at the same time her episodes aired, her character bears quite a few resemblances to a younger Leslie Knope.
    • Felicia Day makes a very brief appearance moving off of the gang's floor.
  • What An Idiot: Steven. woobieness aside, taking Lizzie's phone and calling Eric just to dick around with him and talk about how him and Lizzie are getting married wasn't smart.
  • The Woobie: Steven. His parents get divorced and his father loses his job only 3 episodes in, his father starts to become an alcoholic, the girl who he has a crush on has sex with him and then continues to jerk around with his affections because of her former boyfriend, said former boyfriend chases after him and tries to beat him up in one episode, he constantly tries to find somewhere to belong through fraternities and religious organizations only to end up being used or lied to, he's a self-admitted D student (only earning an A on an essay when he pays a speed addict who once had the exact same professor to write it for him), and through all this his so-called "friends" in the dorm constantly mock and insult him. Frankly it's a wonder he doesn't just drop out.