YMMV / Uncanny X-Men Abridged

  • Complete Monster: Pixie.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Too many to mention. It's widely agreed that the Sisterhood arc and episode 10 are some of the best parts of the series.
    • Two words: LOL. BEAST.
      • Beast: Ai can haz ur secrts? Srsly? Kthxbai
    • ANY scene with Pixie. She's Mina and Raye from Sailor Moon Abridged crossed together to create some kind of horrifiying hybrid
      • Gambit's parting words for Mr Sinister? He died as he lived. Touching children. This Troper had a rare LOL moment
  • Nightmare Fuel: Wolverine and the lock of Jean's hair. Taken straight from the comics and turned up to eleven.