YMMV: Un Dos Tres

  • Ear Worm: All of the intros. With the possible exception of the very first one.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: In Spain, everybody knows and loves Ruperta the pumpkin. Don Cicuta is also very popular among the fanbase, despite only appearing in the first season. The actor was too old and ill to return for the seconds season, and he died a few months after it's start.
  • Replacement Scrappy: In the fourth season, a character called "Eugenia Enchufols del Tot" replaced Las Tacaņonas as the "negative side" character. She wasn't very well recieved, so they retired her after five episodes and reinstated Las Tacaņonas.
    • Inverted in the 2004 revival with the "Fahrenheit 451 Brigade" characters. Coronel McPhantom and Kowalsky weren't very well liked by the audience, but the characters that replaced them after four episodes, General Antilivroff and Dimitri, however, did achieve some popularity.