YMMV / Umi no Misaki

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Chapter 104 throws the characters' actions and motivations into question.
    • Soyogi didn't want to get close to Nagi because she doesn't care to end her life young. Karin desperately wants Nagi because she doesn't want him to be murdered. Shizuku doesn't care about Nagi, and is just using him as a means to carry out the Rising Dragon Ritual murder-suicide.
    • As of chapter 116, it's revealed that Shizuku does in fact care for Nagi. Her suspicious actions earlier were part of a plan to kill herself, and only herself, so that everyone else would be happy. In short, from the very beginning she has been trying to manipulate events so no one but her can get hurt.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: "You've done well, Shizuku. You've done well."
  • Crowning Moment of Funny / Cool and Unusual Punishment: Shizuku's measures to Karin and Soyogi sneaking out to see Nagi. None of them like it.
    • Followed up by Soyogi getting annoyed by Mike's visit.
    Shizuku: Karin, bring me some rope.
  • Moe: Practically everyone, particularly when Nagi manages to get them to blush (usually on accident)
    • Flashbacks to the Cape Maidens as little girls, especially Shizuku and Soyogi being ever-so-solemn. That Soyogi's glasses back then were so much larger relative to her eyes just enhances it.
  • Squick: There are a lot of scenes where children or characters resembling children are sexualized.