YMMV / Ultima V

  • Awesome Music: Stones practically became one of the series' leitmotifs from this game on, but the game has quite a number of other memorable music tracks besides that one, such as the Ultima V Amiga theme, Greyson's Tale, and Dream of Lady Nan.
  • Demonic Spiders: Guaranteed in a game of this difficulty:
    • Daemons. You'll need Lord British's crown to stand up to these guys, otherwise they'll summon more of their kind, of whom can possess your characters. Even if their powers are nullified, they can still fire projectiles at you, and are very powerful both in numbers and by themselves. Dragons, while stronger and capable of summoning daemons, are more so Bosses in Mook Clothing than this trope (and they drop valuable goods, unlike the daemons which give squat).
    • Mongbats, like daemons, are powerful and fight in large numbers. They thankfully don't have annoying magic spells like daemons, but are still overwhelming without using magic.
    • The worst of the bunch are the guards. They're quick and powerful fighters that band together just like mongbats, except they use ranged weapons, allowing them to stay in place and pummel you before your party can even move. The ones in Lord Blackthorn's castle don't even bother fighting you: they'll just swoop your party away and place it in the torture chamber, where one of your companions is guaranteed to be permanently killed off. The game makes it so you specifically have to avoid these enemies, rather than face them head-on as you would others.
  • Game-Breaker:
  • Porting Disaster: While the previous two games got pretty good (if somewhat limited) NES adaptations, this game's NES incarnation is a barely-playable trainwreck. Even more shockingly it was developed by Origin themselves, and while it probably makes some sense given that they had never developed for the console before, you'd think they'd care about making a quality product.
  • That One Attack: Many of the game's strongest enemies are capable of either summoning daemons ad infinitum, possessing your party members, or - in the case of daemons themselves - both.