• Demonic Spiders: the Tarsiers have a nasty habit of dropping on your head. They also take two shots to kill and can more than outmatch your character's turtle walking speed.
  • Fridge Horror: the last item on your menu list of Animals is Brother. Total: 0
  • Goddamned Bats: Moles, which will assault you after your first step into the cupboard dimension.
  • That One Level: the electric underwater maze, which has you navigating through a room full of sharp turns in water without touching any walls. You have all the elbow room of a thimble. Black tentacled creatures appear in random places (sometimes overlapping you) as a visual distraction, and, to make it worse, the last save point is a few rooms back, so when you die (which will be often), you repeatedly have to traverse this same area.
    • There's no immediate save point after the maze either. In fact, you have to navigate an ocean filled with enemies and face a boss without dying before that happens. Good luck if you left the maze with only two hit points.
      • And then you have to backtrack and go through the maze again.