YMMV / Twinkle Star Sprites

  • Good Bad Bugs: There is a bug in the arcade version's handling of continues; normally continues are denoted in the score by resetting the score except for the ones place, and increments the ones place by one for each continue used. If you continue five times, for example, the ones place of your score will be 5. The arcade version resets the score entirely, so that if a continue is used, the score will always end in 1. This is fixed in the Dreamcast version as a toggleable option.
  • Les Yay: Time thinks there's something going on between Really Till and Load Ran. Really Till becomes flustered at the suggestion.
  • Polished Port:
    • The Sega Saturn version comes with the original arcade version and an updated Segasaturn Mode that features full voice-acting, the option to emulate the arcade and Neo Geo version's slowdown or turn them off entirely, made every character playable in Character Mode right off the bat without using a special code for the hidden ones, and added a new character (Meirin) into the cast. It also came with a bonus disc that features lots of artwork (both official and fan-submitted), a karaoke, and special messages from the characters.
    • The Sega Dreamcast version is a straight port of the arcade but includes the slowdown options like the Saturn version, higher quality audio, and playable in English.
  • Moe: The opening to the Sega Saturn port, with its cute animation, its lighthearted theme song performed by Load Ran's seiyuu and Memory hugging Load Ran while Rabbicat smiles at the viewer. Aww!
  • That One Boss: Mevious can be pretty tough at times as well as Dark Ran and Memory in the first game.