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YMMV: Twilight Then Twilight Now Universe
  • Ron the Death Eater: Played with. In Moondancer's Misguided Mission, Sun Shimmer (the recently hired assistant teacher from Mustangia) is doing this to Celestia and humans (such as Megan). Word of God says that this is a direct reference to the general fandom view towards Celestia and when putting humans in the FIM universe (especially the Solar Empire vs. The New Lunar Republic and ''The Conversion Bureau'').
  • Complete Monster: Face it, you have to be one to do what Sunset Shimmer did to her daughter without remorse.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Midnight and Bronco both crossed it when Midnight disguised Bronco as Celestia to kidnap the first flutter pony foal in order to cause chaos in Tambelon. What have they done to the foal, we have no idea.
    • Truly and Baby Lickety Split crossed it when they committed character assassination on Fizzy in chapter 15 of Every Pony knows your mane: Tales from the Satin Slipper.

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