YMMV / 2300 AD

  • That One Rule: An interesting quirk of the combat system is that 40% of successful attacks on a human would hit them in one of their legs.
  • Viewers Are Geniuses / Genius Bonus: In the 2300 setting, Ebers are a species who were once star-spanning, but are now recovering in a way not dissimilar to "Fallout", with ruins spread across several worlds. The adventure "Ranger" has your character meet a bunch of primitive Nomadic Ebers who adhere to the old ways in ways the other Eber nations didn't and thus have culturally-preserved knowledge that would eventually let them go back to the stars. What's the genius bonus? Eber was the Biblical name of Noah's Great-great-great grandson, who refused to help build the Tower of Babel, and whose language was not confused like everyone else's, and thus could still speak the language of Heaven.