YMMV / 20 Million Miles to Earth

  • Accidentally Correct Writing: At the time this movie was made, Venus was normally depicted in sci-fi stories as a swamp or jungle world. Here it is correctly described as being inhospitably hot, with a poisonous atmosphere and lethal levels of sulfur. Soviet space probes wouldn't confirm that Venus was like this until 1961. Of course, the movie didn't get everything right—as far as we know, there is no life on Venus.
  • Designated Hero's: While it's pretty clear that none of the human protagonists are evil, many of them are friendly and helpful, to each other. Not only do humans take the Ymir from him his home in the first place. But there are many moments that show that while they talk about caring about the alien, they seem to be too fascinated by it's alien qualities to notice it's screaming in fear or pain more than half the time. In fact, when the alien finally is killed the leading couple seems more interested in making out in a restaurant than anything else. Only General McIntosh and Dr. Uhl seemed to truly understand (and care about) the tragedy that had just transpired.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The Ymir making friends with a goat (technically a lamb).
  • The Woobie: The Ymir.