YMMV / Turkey Shoot

  • Cliché Storm: It has to be admitted that this film probably doesn't have an original idea in it... but sort of in a good way.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Camp Master Charles Thatcher is the source of Camp 47's worst cruelties and is the mastermind behind the titular turkey shoot. Running his camp with an iron fist, Thatcher makes it his utmost mission to utterly break the camp's "deviants"—many of whom were sent to the camp for little else but slights—and calmly presides over routine torture, execution, and the various cruelties of his chief enforcer Ritter. For the sake of sport, Thatcher devises the turkey shoot and invites sociopathic socialites to pick prisoners to hunt at their own leisure, telling the prisoners that if they can escape, they'll be free withholding the fact that the camp is marooned in the middle of the ocean. Thatcher runs over his first quarry after one of the socialites has injured him to a point where he can't even walk, and merrily torments his other target by firing at him and deliberately missing each time purely to put him on edge. Any good intentions Thatcher espouses as the camp master is merely shallow rhetoric to justify torturing prisoners for his own pleasure.
    • The aforementioned Ritter, Thatcher's thuggish chief enforcer, is a towering, bald brute of a man who abuses the camp's deviants at his own merriment. Allowing his guards to torture, rape, and murder the deviants with full impunity and taking great joy in killing many of them himself, Ritter establishes his cruelty by shadowboxing a terrified female Deviant into a stammering mess before beating her to death with his own bare hands. Hosting double-duty as the camp's executioner, a favorite pastime of Ritter's is forcing deviants to play the "ball game," wherein Ritter and his guards kick about a Deviant holding balls filled with oil around before setting them on fire and watching them burn with a savage delight. Taking full part in the turkey shoot himself—and removing the glasses of one of the deviants participating in the shoot purely to give him a disadvantage—Ritter casually reveals to Secretary Mallory whilst participating in the manhunt that if he was Camp Master, he wouldn't waste any time trying to break the Deviants—he'd simply slaughter them all himself, a fate he favors for all deviants in general.
    • Jennifer is a heinous sadist who makes the most of her limited screentime to be a truly evil individual. Invited by Charles Thatcher to take part in the hunting of deviants for sport in an event called the turkey shoot, Jennifer gleefully boasts the various ways she can and will kill the deviant prisoners, and later illustrates this by shooting a man with her crossbow non-lethally one limb at a time, delighting in his suffering and agony. After brutally torturing and possibly raping another deviant named Rita, Jennifer gleefully attempts the same on Chris, and ultimately calls in an airstrike to wipe out Thatcher's entire re-education camp when the deviants begin freeing themselves, uncaring of the dozens of deviants and government soldiers who will be killed in the ensuing firebombing.
    • In the 2014 remake, "Ramrod" Llewyn is a smug sociopath obsessed with fame and adoration above all else. The top killer on the Turkey Shoot, a televised event where criminals are given the chance to win their freedom or die trying, Ramrod has close to 100 kills, always murdering his targets just as they are about to win by sniping them from a safe distance. Though a thoroughly unlikable scumbag throughout the film, it isn't until the ending that Ramrod's truly monstrous colors are revealed, where it is shown that, while in the military alongside Rick Tyler years ago, he led the wholesale slaughter of a defenseless group of women and children, trying to execute Tyler when he stood in the way, then framed Tyler for the crime, fully enabling General Thatcher to continue a war without Tyler's testimony of Thatcher's evil to put a stop to it. Even when caught and called out on it by Tyler, Ramrod seems to show genuine remorse for his crimes and confesses to a nearby camera, before laughing in Tyler's face and mocking him for thinking that anyone would ever see the confession. Ramrod gradually became worse and worse as the film went on, and ultimately cemented himself as the only wholly irredeemable character in the whole story.
  • Les Yay: Jennifer gives the female captives a hungry look. Chris looks scared; Rita returns her gaze. When Jennifer finally catches Rita, she caresses Rita's breast with her quarrel.
    "I've been looking for you for a long, long time. I'm going to make you...feel...like you've...never...felt...before... (moves in with tongue waggling)
  • Special Effect Failure: Ritter after his hands have supposedly been cut off, with his fists covered by red-stained cloth.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: Thatcher as the name of the chief villain. Plus the rhetoric of the Re-Ed camp seems aimed more at rebels against society's petty rules than political opponents of the regime; an obvious Take That! aimed at the ever-popular "get tough on delinquents" rhetoric of politicians.