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YMMV: Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase
  • Better on DVD: The DVD release has improved artwork, improved animation, improved fight-scenes... the list goes on. An entire episode that was aired on TV without any relevent video due to some issue with an animating contractor was transformed on DVD into one of the most intense and impressive episodes of the series.
    • This is Studio Shaft we're talking about. They (almost) ALWAYS improve the animations for the DVD / Blu-ray-Releases.
  • Complete Monster: Count Kinkel. In Elfriede's backstory, he impregnates a human woman, drives her insane, then comes back several years later to turn the resulting daughter, Elfriede, into a vampire and force her to kill her best friend as her first feeding. I Hate You, Vampire Dad seems like an understatement.
  • Ear Worm: The opening theme, "Neko Mimi Mode" (more like "Neko Mimi Modo", seems to be specifically designed for this, with lines like "Neko mimi / Neko mimi modo / Neko mimi modo desu".
  • Nightmare Fuel: Count Kinkel.
  • Squick: The OP in the first two episodes. You will never look at turtles in quite the same way ever again).

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