YMMV / Troilus and Cressida

  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Pandarus is the text is seen as lecherous and scheming, which is where the word pandering come from. Though this reputation isn't deserved. The Iliad mentions him as a well trained soldier and a noble fighter. Shakespeare got his interpretation from the works of Chaucer. Not the Iliad.
      • Although Pandarus was the one who broke the truce between the Greeks and Trojans in the Iliad when he thought he would get wealth and glory for it. Granted a god was the one tempting him but he didn't know that. So maybe he shouldn't be remembered so fondly.
    • Achilles in this play is very different from the character in Homer. He actually supports the idea of peace! The Achilles of the Iliad would be disgusted by the thought.
    • Hector is far more viscous to his wife whom he loves very dearly in the Iliad. Interesting to note that the Iliad portrays women far more equally than Shakespeare's play.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Achilles and Patroclus. The entire Greek army thinks they're sleeping together, and they're most likely correct.
    • Achilles and Hector, each of whom is curiously obsessed with seeing the other unarmed.
  • Values Dissonance: Pandarus comments how he wouldn't change his opinion of Cressida even if she was black and a moor.