YMMV / Triggerheart Exelica

  • Awesome Music: Gravity Error by Ayane, used in the opening to Trigger Heart Exelica -Enhanced-.
    • The boss theme during the last encounter with Faintear Imitation.
  • Game-Breaker: The original Faintear has fastest speed, can capture enemy as fast as Crueltear and her BFGs are powerful twin lasers which penetrate through the mooks. And unlike other two, her normal ending isn't sad one.
  • Polished Port: While the Xbox LIVE Arcade version got a cheaper version of the game, graphically it is superior and runs better than the PlayStation 2 version, as well as leaderboards.
    • The PlayStation 2, has a visual novel-like Story Mode, the arranged soundtrack from the XBLA version, and the ability to play as the real Faintear.
  • That One Achievement: The "Perfect Play" Achievement in XBLA version. Good luck trying to beat the entire game while destroying every boss in the game and their forms, and Faintear, without getting hit once, on Normal or Hard mode if you're not professional Bullet Hell shoot 'em up player. Easy mode won't save you from this one.