YMMV / Tribes

  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: "Base-raping", referring to destroying all the core structures in the opposing base and hanging around to make sure they stay that way. Everyone hates it, everyone does it.
  • Fountain of Memes: SHAZBOT.
    • GOTTA GO FAST is pretty popular in Ascend as well.
    • Pasting the heads of various classes on things is always a big crowd pleaser.
    • For that matter replacing various statements with the keys to use the appropriate stock voice-command (like typing out "[VGCA]" instead of "awesome").
    • Brute's Fractal Grenades, which release green lasers everywhere, have been nicknamed disco grenades. Reached it's ascention in the "Staying Alive" update, the promotional art depicting the Brute striking the traditional disco pose.
    • Sandraker Scum or any variation of the Blood Eagles propaganda and smear campaigns against the Diamond Sword tribe in Ascend are commonly used throughout the fanbase regardless of which tribe they typically play as.
  • Game-Breaker: Ascend has a Broken Base and very few people can agree on what is and isn't broken. With that said, virtually everyone agrees the Technician's Thumper is overpowered. In most aspects it is identical to the Soldier's Spinfusor—overall an extremely well-rounded weapon—despite the Technician otherwise being built more for defense. On offense this makes Technicians nearly as good as classes meant solely for that function without using their turrets. On defense, it makes them a complete nightmare, especially since the only major difference between it and the Spinfusor (faster projectile but shorter range) makes it even better in close-corner areas like in a Generator room.
    • The Plasma Gun for the Raider was extremely strong when released due to having an enormous hitbox and high damage output. However it was quickly nerfed and is much more balanced as of now. Interestingly, this brought up concerns from some that the weapon was more powerful than the Technician's Thumper, which was fairly amusing in light of the Technician's role as a defensive class versus the Raider, a class designed around doing damage.
    • The Brute's Fractal Grenades, in particular the Extended Fractal, are a great way to induce foaming rage for attackers and defenders alike. They don't do too much damage on hit, but they're nearly impossible to escape from in enclosed spaces, as they have a HUGE area of effect and last for a fairly long period of time. Considering that they're borderline useless while fighting in the open, this doesn't seem too broken... at first. Where the REAL problem rears its head is when said Brute can constantly replenish their grenades, allowing them to spam their grenades and quickly resupply before the effect ends, letting them do this indefinitely. While this requires enough people to die on offense to pick up their ammo drops, on defense, the resupply pads will continue to supply the Brute with enough Grenades to do this forever unless the generator is destroyed— and as such, most Brutes use this to make sure absolutely NOTHING can reach the Generator long enough to destroy it. As a result, a single Brute camping the enclosed Generator area can bring an entire game to a screeching halt.
  • Good Bad Bugs: A glitch in the physics engine of the original Tribes enabled players to "ski" down inclined areas using the Jet Pack. The use of this glitch became universal. See Ascended Glitch above.
    • "Skiing" had nothing to do with the jetpack. The bug essentially went as follows: When you fall, you accelerate. This is normal. When you jump while going downhill, you fall a little further down than you did up, giving you a little acceleration. So far so good. The bug was the fact that there was a very brief delay when you landed before your inertia was cancelled, allowing you to immediately jump again, retaining your inertia from the first jump and accelerating further. By moving downhill in an endless series of short bunny-hops, you could build up enough speed to send you flying halfway across the map...and that's BEFORE you even used the Jetpack or did something ludicrous like disk-jumping (think rocket-jump). Skiing took what was intended to be a squad-based tactical game and turned it into a crazy lightning-fast experience with a freedom of movement that bordered on the absurd...and it was AWESOME!
  • More Popular Spinoff: Of Starsiege, and in turn EarthSiege.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Most of the voice commands in the game are grating on the ears, and worst of all easily spammable. SHAZBOT and Woohoo are easily the worst offenders, but they're certainly not the only ones.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The "Ching" sound when getting a blue plate special or airmail accolade.
  • Scrub/"Stop Having Fun" Guys: The endless debate between "comp" and "non-comp" players. Open games often forbid various "cheap" tactics because the players involved can't defend against them properly.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Tribes: Ascend is a slower placed game, easier for new players to get in (no more heavies flying around at a million miles per hour mortaring everything to death.). This alone is enough to make people rage about the game on the forums.
    • The TribalWar forum community even hates Tribes 2 in additon to Tribes: Vengeance and Tribes Ascend, considering Starsiege: Tribes to be the only good game.