YMMV / Traveller

  • Broken Base: With the release of several new editions over the years all of which drastically changed the key premise, it was inevitable.
  • Doorstopper: The latest iteration of the Traveller rules, Traveller 5, clocks in at over 750 pages, quite a few of them random roll charts.
  • Fanon: The setting practically invites players to fill in the blanks with fanon, referred to as "IMTU" for "In My Traveller Universe".
  • Fanon Discontinuity: The Virus to a lot of players, and just about anything to someone.
    • Mega Traveller: The meta-plot featured the Third Imperium descending into civil war after the assassination of the Emperor. Quite a few players objected to what they saw as the wholesale destruction of the setting.
    • Traveller: The New Era: Many players found the computer virus that was the downfall of the Third Imperium implausible. The gearheads didn't like the retcon of HEPLAR reaction engines replacing reactionless thruster plates. Several people had problems with the sometimes wonky game mechanics as well, like the ability of an unarmored character to survive a direct hit from a plasma gun, or the ability of someone weaing a leather jacket to be completely immune to laser fire.
    • Traveller 4: Many players didn't like the change to Mileau 0 (the Dawn of the Third Imperium) when what they wanted was to pretend the Rebellion never happened. Many others didn't like the changes in gaming mechanics, including the use of "half dice".
    • Traveller 1248: As a continuation of the New Era timeline it had all of its baggage.
    • GURPS Traveller: It made those who wanted the Third Imperium back happy, but the rules are quite different and generally more complex than other versions of Traveller.
    • T20 (d20 Traveller): Hit points and class levels in Traveller? Many fans didn't think it was a very good fit.
    • Mongoose Traveller: As it was back to the classic setting and with a rules set very similar to the original, some fans groused about how it was just more of the same, only different enough to annoy them.
    • Traveller 5: Some fans say that the massive core book is incoherent and really needed to be edited down to something more workable before release. A re-release of the .pdf with some of the rules sections shuffled around (called "version 5.09") just gave them more ammunition. Amusingly, the table of contents of the 5.09 edition was not updated, and the page numbers are now completely inaccurate.
    • Interestingly, Traveller 5 in its introduction omits d20 Traveller and Hero System Traveller from its list of prior editions, though it does include GURPS Traveller as a "parallel edition".
  • It Was His Sled: The identity of the Ancients. Unless the Referee decides that in his Traveller universe it's Not His Sled.
  • Memetic Mutation: The fact that, in early editions, it's possible to die during character creation. Far Future even sells a T-shirt that says "I died during Character Generation".