YMMV: Transformers Autocracy

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Shockwave from what we learned in the Shadowplay arc. What are his motives? Seeing as he saved his friend Optimus's life, and his former student Zeta has gone power-mad. Did he plan this? Was he trying to stop it? If he was trying to stop it, was it because Megatron's rule was logical, or was it some lingering guilt?
  • Broken Base: As with Chaos there's the Art. Watercolor washed out look has caused some stir in the fandom. Some like it, some think it's difficult to make out. Now there's a third camp who thinks that the art is better suited here than in Chaos.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: After the revelations about Shockwave from the Shadowplay arc
    Orion: "Never thought I'd thank a Decepticon for saving my life."
    Shockwave: "Given the current state of affairs, your survival was... logical."
    Orion: "Not entirely sure what that means."
    • Then Megatron comments on the cavity in Optimus's chest which Shockwave had opened for repairs the cavity that Shockwave himself installed back when he was a Senator.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Zeta Prime, who according to previous materials was considered worth protecting from assassination attempts, is portrayed here as a cartoonish super-villain.