YMMV / Traffic

  • Award Snub: Traffic won four of its five Oscar nominations including Best Director and other major categories, however it lost Best Picture to Gladiator which only won one major category (Best Actor) besides Best Picture.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Javier sells information to the DEA about Salazar working in conjunction with the cartel. His partner, Manolo, tries to do the exact same thing but is more careless about it and gets both himself and Javier dragged out into the desert by Salazar's own men to be killed; however only Manolo is killed and Javier is allowed into Salazar's trusted - and therefore corrupt - elite. But since Salazar is already finished, thanks to US backing via the DEA, Javier gets to take the credit for the bust and enjoy seeing his baseball park for the children be built.
  • Spiritual Successor: Arguably Sicario. Both movies are about the War on Drugs, take place near the border, have multiple intersecting storylines, exist in a Crapsack World, end with no real resolution to the questions raised, and feature Benicio del Toro.