YMMV / Tower Prep

  • Fridge Brilliance: The Rooks being all-male seems innocuous at first- fraternities do form IRL. It's not until Suki takes the Corvus drug- that all Rook members drink from day one- that it's shown why. She didn't even take a full drink- just a sip- and her powers went haywire! Ian took a lot longer to even notice a change. Whatever that stuff is, it's more potent for girls than for boys. It had to be a fraternity- it'd kill students otherwise!
  • Ho Yay!: Between Ian and Gabe. It’s not unnoticeable that Ian and Gabe tend to touch each other more than necessary, more than any other pair of characters actually. And then there’s the fact that as a pair, they’ve shared the most kisses (on the cheek still counts) than any other pair in the show thus far. It is also brought up on more than one occasion that Ian is one off Gabe’s greatest weaknesses, and vise versa for Ian. Another point might be that in 1x02, Gabe admits that Ian means more to him than his coveted sock monkey. Plus, there’s Gabe’s very blatant line of “I love you man!” and Ian’s ambiguous admission that even if he did dream about Gabe in his underwear, he’d never tell him.
    • In episode 10, when CJ and Gabe have a small conversation about CJ and Ian, it ends with her telling Gabe to be careful because his jealousy is showing. Also, part of the reason Howard frames Ian is because he gets really jealous of Gabe's growing relationship with him.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Headmaster.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Gnomes are fairly creepy, what with their chirping, stalking, and glowing eyes... Right up until they come into focus, where they come off as extras from a 90s era Saban series.
    • The whole episode "Dreams" was major nightmare fuel.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The students are kidnapped from their homes with no memory of having arrived at Tower Prep. The kids are told their parents know where they are, but that is little comfort since they can't talk to them. No teacher or faculty member will reveal their real name. No one will reveal where in the world the school is, and it's impossible to determine that locally since the stars in the sky don't match the constellations that would be visible from United States and the ecosystem is full of flora and fauna that shouldn't even exist in the same region.
    • The situation is worse than that. Headmaster will let kids talk to their parents if they're insistent enough... but it's just Whisper doing an impersonation. When Ian manages to get an outside line, it turns out his mother not only knows but is apparently going along with it for whatever reason. It's implied that this is the same for all the parents.
      • It's hard not to imagine their parental relationships being permanently wrecked as a result of this. Unless the reasons for doing what they did are stellar and pure, even parental doubling down on their POV isn't going to cut it. Every statement and action by their parents would be forever and always suspect.
  • Tear Jerker: Ian recounting his family's birthday tradition at the beginning of episode 10.
    "This is the first birthday where I haven't woken up to my mom saying, "Merry Christmas!"
    • She does make up for it though at the end of the episode after she finishes her technical conversation with Ian by wishing him a merry Christmas.
  • What An Idiot: In "Buffer", C.J. completely forgets that she's been such a vocal Buffer fan that her disappearance would be remarked upon by Cal, and noticed by Coach History.