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YMMV: Tour de France
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: The way most French riders and teams act. Justified by the fact that they don't have any serious GC contender, and haven't had for years (though maybe Pinot, Rolland, or Bardet could become that), and no sprinter who can race with the best in the bunch sprints (Démare, Bouhanni and Couqard look like future contenders in that discipline). Other riders (like Jens Voigt) also have this driving style.
    • Thomas Voeckler came close to winning the race this way in 2011, with a well-timed attack, being a Determinator, even by pro cycling standards, and having a loyal team. He eventually lost through Cadel Evans' time trialling skills as well as pulling a complete Honor Before Reason during the stage to Alpe d'Huez by trying to keep up with the A.Schleck-Contador attack, rather than falling back to the main group.
    • Spanish rider Oscar Pereiro actually won the race through a breakaway where he gained half an hour on the pack. That is to say, the pack was outside the time limit, and was only allowed to stay in the race because over 20%note  of the remaining riders were in the pack.
  • Award Snub: Jens Voigt has actually never won a combativity award. Neither has Thomas Voeckler.
  • Batman Gambit: A speculated one on behalf of Phonak in 2006. It's theorized that they let the big breakaway that left Pereiro with overall victory was given that much time in order to make sure that the rather weak Phonak team didn't have to do a lot of work early on the stages. Note that hadn't Landis been doping in what's arguably the most obvious way in cycling history, this might have worked.
  • Every Year They Fizzle Out: While the general trope is described on the main page, riders are more in the YMMV.
    • Gilberto Simoni has won two Giros and has five other podium places in the same race. He would always have high expectations alog with him, coming to France, but the best he's ever done is a 17th place in the GC.
  • Misplaced Nationalism: French teams get at least three of the four wild cards, if not all of them, despite the fact that non-French pro continental teams might be stronger. Best example was in 2011, where Saur-Sojasun was given a wild card ahead of Geox-TMCnote , which this French team did nothing with.
    • Downplayed in 2014. Thanks to the promotion of Team Europcar to UCI Pro level, and the dissolution of Sojasun, there were only two French Pro Continental teams left to invite (Perennial invitee Cofidis, and Bretagne-Seche Environnement). There were four wild-card slots, so for the first time in years, two wild-card teams were not French: IAM Cycling (Swiss) and Team Netapp-Endura (German). IAM Cycling had the French rider Sylvain Chavanel—a combative rider and something of a fan favorite—which was likely a factor (though not the only factor) in that team's selection.
  • The Scrappy: Lance Armstrong could never achieve any popularity in the French public, even before allegations of doping (a harsh contrast with his still fondly respected fellow countryman Greg LeMond). It was to the point that the messages of "encouragement" painted on the road by the supporters used the "F" word (yes, in English) when they were about Armstrong.
  • Take That: The Danish national anthem playing when Contador won in 2009. Not a take that directed at Contador, but rather directed against ASO, UCI, Danish Cycling Union and Rabobank.
  • What an Idiot: While doping at the very least was commonplace in the 00's, what Landis did on stage 17 of the 2006 was so blatantly obvious that he could as well have left the race afterwards, as him being busted was inevitable.
    • Riders getting disqualified for getting paced too much by cars. While it's permissible to briefly draft using cars (especially if it's many different cars, and the rider is moving forward through the convoy), staying in a single car's slipstream for a very long time isn't good for anything but incurring the wrath of the race officials.
    • Rafal Majka on the 17th stage of the 2014 edition grabs on to a motorcycle briefly during an attack (go to 0:42 in the video). He would most likely have won the stage anyway, without incurring the wrath of officials. The punishment was so small and irrelevant (50 Swiss franc, 10 second docked in the GC and 5 points lost in the points competition), that it was appropriate for that stunt that didn't win him more than 5 seconds on the stage.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Even before the Lance Armstrong affair, enough riders had been busted for doping for cynics to make this assumption about every winning rider.
    • Not just every winning rider, but every top rider in the 90's and 00's could reasonably be expected to have been doping. Things appear to be getting better, with most doping cases discussed currently are the ones of the past, or problems with biological passports, which by no means implies doping, as the stance with bio passport problems are "better safe than sorry".
    • Of the 21 podium positions won during the "vacated" years (1999-2005), every single one is linked to doping. Beloki, 3 podiums, was cleared of involvement in Operación Puerto, and Escartín (3rd, 1999) was never busted individually, but his team were exposed to have done systematic doping.

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