YMMV / Toshiki Inoue

  • Mis-blamed: To some degree. At least, Kamen Rider Hibiki's changes were Executive Meddling-based and if he'd refused to make them, they'd have gotten someone who would. The Kamen Rider W / Kamen Rider OOO crossover being so far from what we expect of the OOO cast was due to it being written at the same time as the premiere (basically, he had to write something taking place after the Tajador's Combo's debut - that's episode twenty - while episode one was still being written), on top of him a), not being the head writer for OOO, and b), the head writer, Yasuko Kobayashi, allegedly not getting along with himnote . Therefore, when it comes to at least some of the more recent complaints about him that Kamen Rider fans have, we're talking things couldn't have been any better under anyone else. When Poor Communication Kills goes Up to Eleven to the point that a sane cast would have resolved many a 50-episode plot in five, it's Inoue. When astonishingly, writing an episode in the 20s when all you have to work from is a rough draft of episode 1 doesn't go so well, it's called being only human.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Most episodes of the Sentai shows he wrote in The '80s. You can also count his work on Jetman as well.