YMMV / Toho Kingdom Toons

  • Anti-Climax Boss: Despite being the main antagonist and being built up for quite sometime, Rhedosaurus gets destroyed rather easily by Takoyaki Cthulhu.
  • Arc Fatigue: The Celebi Arc went on for a full two years.
  • Art Evolution: The early Toons started off as very basic and simplistic designs (like Gabara) before then getting updated to look more detailed and shiny.
  • Badass Decay: Monster X becomes less active and less badass in the later seasons. It's even to the point he was ignored in favor of Biollante to destroy some enemy sattelite.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: There are a lot.
    • Mt. Fuji suddenly talking and speaking to the viewer during "Sexy Grandpa" comes out of nowhere and doesn't have anything to do with the plot of the toon.
    • Gezora taking over Egypt during the "Kaiju Kritics Review Astro-Boy" is this due to it having nothing to do with the plot and never even being followed up on. And just how did Gezora end up underneath a pyramid is anyone's guess.
    • Dinosaur Doug is pretty much a BLAM incarnate, constantly appearing out of nowhere all the time, saying random strange things and singing, before then quickly leaving and never being spoken of again.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Gabara, due to his hamminess,and being very quotable and hilarious.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Godzilla depicted as Minilla growing up, and his son is LittleGodzilla. Destoroyah is depicted as a nurse, and if you put two-and-two together, Godzilla's burning form would be depicted as a nasty rash and LittleGodzilla will most likely be Millennium series' Godzilla.
    • So far, the meltdown as a rash is confirmed.
  • I Am Not Shazam: Hilariously lampshaded in a parody of Destroy All Monsters which spoofs the infamous Baragon/Gorosaurus mis-naming in the film.
    News Reporter: Baragon in Paris.
    Gorosaurus: WHAT!?!
    • Likewise, in another cartoon, Deutalios thought that the Giant Sea Snake from King Kong Escapes was Manda and that Black Moth (A flying lion monster from the obscure film Latitude Zero) was King Seesar.
  • Memetic Mutation: It references a few, including the "O RLY?" owl.
    • During the recent pledge drive special, a caller says that he wishes to donate "OVER NINE THOUSAND!" dollars. Monster X chides him for referencing a meme and hangs up.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Parodied. Monster X (AKA Keizer Ghidorah) states that he enjoys the Godfather trilogy because he finds them to be hilarious.
    Monster X: The Godfather. Hilarious! The Godfather II. Even funnier! The Godfather III. Not Coppola's best work, but a decent comedy nonetheless.
  • Missing Episode: Parodied with "The Banned Toon".
    • Also possibly "The Lost Toon". Though it is possible that toon did went missing for sometime before being found again.
  • Recycled Script: The cartoons are usually very random as there's no telling which Kaiju would appear and what adventures they go through, but starting in Season 3 the toons focused heavily on just Monster X and Gabara and most of the other monster cast, including Godzilla, were shelved away to make screen time for those two. Godzilla did make a comeback, or half of one, once Kaiju Kritics stopped appearing so frequently and consecutively. In Toon #90, Godzilla and Anguirus even locked up Monster X and Gabara into a prison cell just so that they can take over as the Kaiju Kritics as payback for their overdue return.
  • The Scrappy: Celebi, due to being a very unsympathetic Ax-Crazy Heroic Comedic Sociopath who also takes over the galaxy and gets away with just about everything. Not to mention she replaces HALF of the main cast starting from her debut. Also not helping matters is her extremely long and drawn out "Celebi Saga" which dragged on for sometime (it's not helping either is that's where the quality for the Toons began to decline a bit in quality). She was later phased out a bit in the last season, but at that point, the damage had been done.
    • Katz, due to being EXTREMELY out of place in the shows setting and being more Stupid Evil and annoying then actually threatening.
    • In-universe, The Shobijin.
  • Seasonal Rot: Season 7 (or at least the first half anyways) due to too much focus on the Celebi Saga.
    • With that said, the latter half of Season 7 and Season 8 and onwards were considered to be an improvement in terms of quality.
  • Sequelitis: Subverted somewhat. Monster X points out that while The Godfather III wasn't Coppola's best work, he thought it was pretty good anyway.