YMMV: Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet

  • Awesome Art: Them collage-y chapter covers....
  • Foe Yay: Todd and Cyril.
    • For that matter also Cyril and Petunia. Hell, Cyril and everybody.
  • Ho Yay: Some between Meredith and Elijah, who are very close, complete with a Mistaken for Gay/Not What It Looks Like moment in the third chapter.
    • Don't forget Cyril's ambiguously flirty nature and his habit to give others affectionate nicknames, calling Meredith and Elijah "beautiful people", and the Valetine's Day special where Cyril accidentally flirts with Todd Allison... and doesn't correct himself when he sees that he's been talking to a man.
    • This new Valentine's Day special where Cyril flirts with his fellow tram conductor, Maxwell, who is rather bothered by this.
    • We have a new entry, folks! Todd and Clancey. In Chapter 11, Todd becomes very happy about being able to get around to his projects. He then hugs Clancey, resting his head on the guy's chest for a moment. Clancey blushes. Just a little. D'aaaaw.
    • Oh dear, Elijah and Dylan. When they reunite, they spend like two pages touching each other's faces with little hearts in the pink background and pink text. Until...
      • Meredith interrupts, not amused. Dylan, equally unamused, comments on how Elijah and Meredith are still together (so, canon?), and Elijah proceeds to cover his tracks, calling Meredith his h-h-honey.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The streetcar operator, despite only showing up once. He even got featured in a Valentine's Day special after the readers went crazy over his one appearance.
    • Not so much of a minor character anymore, though he's still well-loved by readers.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Cyril, and how. There's Cyril/Petunia, Cyril/Todd, Cyril/Landon, Cyril/Hana, Cyril/Elijah, Cyril/Maxwell (His fellow tram conductor from chapter 10.)... and that's just what's been seen in the tag on tumblr.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Nightmare Fuel: Possibly this page. It just looks so off.
    • What, no mention of chapter 5 itself? Cyril effortlessly murders six men (in addition to a seventh, who he kills in chapter 4), Todd and Petunia huddled in a corner behind some boxes while Todd is clearly fearing for his life, and Petunia, a character we're introduced to as being a bit skittish but well-meaning, kills a man... and doesn't really seem that bothered by it, even in later chapters.
      • Hell, for that matter, Cyril himself. Word of God says he comes off as a friendly guy, until you get to know him better, and then he's just kind of... overly friendly, maybe a little questionable at times. His first real introduction is leading Todd Allison into a trap, which gets him kidnapped by an anti-government group who are planning to kill him. He then murders nearly everyone he was supposed to be working with, violently stabbing two of the men to death. Then he asks Elijah to wait on opening the door where Todd and Petunia are locked in with a man who probably won't hesitate to kill both of them, just because he wants to see what Petunia's going to do with the pistol he gave her. After all this, he threatens Todd and Petunia in chapter 6 if they don't show up to his home, and in chapter 11, he breaks into Todd Allison's apartment, because they didn't finish their business at The Eighth Lagoon. Amidst all this is some much needed comic relief, but he's still pretty terrifying when you think about it.
    • Elijah in chapter 3 while making negotiations for a job with Cyril.
      "Isn't it a lot better to watch them squirm in pain as they slowly bleed to death?"
  • Ship Sinking: It may be too early to tell, but Chapter 14 may have just sunk any ship of Petunia with anyone but Will. She may have just fallen in love with, or at least developed a massive crush, on him. Let the shippers panic, though there may still be hope.
    • It may be part of an In-Joke stemming from how people on the author's Tumblr at one point made cracks on how every character should be shipped with said altogether Nice Guy, Will, though considering how she's spoken of developing her story arcs, there's nothing stopping it from being part of an already-planned plotline that might be fully explored, of course (considering how fans at one point thought Cyril would merely be that conductor everyone liked). (Not to imply that there's any indication of Petunia and Will being canon in any way at this point.)
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Massive amounts for Meredith.