YMMV / To Die For

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Some see Jimmy as a villain others see him as Suzanne's victim. Suzanne can also be seen as an admirably ambitious woman who is a victim of her clingy husband. She also occasionally gives the impression of being somewhat dimwitted but it is implied that this is a farce to get people to underestimate her.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Casey Affleck plays the victim of a sociopathic monster who survives on charm and thinks nothing of destroying everyone around her. 15 years later, he played Lou Ford in The Killer Inside Me who was a male Suzanne without the career ambitions.
  • Magnificent Bitch: Again, Suzanne.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck in their first big roles.
    • Though not exactly unknown in Hollywood at the time, Kurtwood Smith (who plays Suzanne's father) would soon become popularly known for his iconic role of Red Foreman in "That '70s Show".
  • What An Idiot: The second half of the movie might as well be called The Dumbass Conspiracy. Jimmy doesn't even clean Larry's brains off of his shoes, which gets him life plus 30 years. Russel gets 16 years for leaving clamshells from his fishing job all over the Maretto house. And of course Suzanne blabs in a public mall about orchestrating Larry's death (But see Karma Houdini on the main page).