YMMV / Titus Crow

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: With the ending of Elysia where the Cthulhu Cycle gods are rendered amnesiac and trapped by the Elder Gods at the beginning of time, some wonder if they're actually the Elder Gods themselves.
  • Base Breaker: The entire series is both loved and loathed by fans of the Cthulhu mythos.
  • Negated Moment of Awesome: In one of the Titus Crow books, the characters visit a nightmare factory in the Dreamlands run by the Great Old Ones where the collective fears of humanity are collected and then physically manifested. The reader expects some truly horrific imagery, instead we are treated to the heroes being threatened with some distorted versions of werewolves and vampires. Apparently a Monster Mash of stock vampires and werewolves was the most horrible thing mankind's collective unconscious could produce.
  • Values Resonance: Brian Lumley goes out of his way to invert Lovecraft's themes. Intermixing with ancient gods and monsters is a GOOD thing.