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YMMV / Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: This game is full of amazing classical-sounding tracks, but the ones that stand above the rest are the opening theme, Cafe Parisien, C Deck, and the first sinking theme.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Rather jarringly, if you try and take the Rubaiyat out of the boiler room directly, Vlad catches you, takes it off your hands, and promptly shoots you in the face.
    • After you knock out Zeitel at the top of the funnel, you climb back down and get knocked cold by Vlad (notice a theme?) wielding a very large wrench. You come to, and the ship has already been sinking for over an hour (it's 1:05 AM) — and you can hear things or people splashing into the water around the ship as you scramble to complete your mission before the last lifeboat leaves.
    • And if you fail to do that in time, you get several minutes aboard the ship simply to run around and contemplate your inevitable fate.
    • The cut-scene of Haderlitz getting electrocuted in the electric bath if you take his ring to Trask to get a reading.