YMMV / Titan Legends

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Many, each listed under the appropriate stories.
    • Boogeymen:
      • Freddy's futile attempts to summon backup when fighting Raven in Boogeymen.
      • Buzz Bomb in Boogeymen II.
      • Slade's speech about surviving horror movies in Boogeymen III.
      • Everyone refusing to call The Lord of the Night by his title and instead making up less pretentious ones in Boogeymen III.
        • His reaction.
      • Beast Boy's long narrative about the meaning of the Saw films... and Rob's own thinking on the films immediately after.
      Gauntlet: Man, this torture porn stuff isn't much fun on the receiving end.
      Robin: No it's not.
      Gauntlet: At least no one's trying to make it appear to have some kind of merit though. That would really be annoying.
    • Christmas Stories:
      • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen: "Turkey!" "Ham!"
        • Jinx's gift to Cyborg.
      • Adeste Fidelis: Gauntlet receiving Robin's gift from Starfire by accident.
        • After Gauntlet and Bumblebee get locked into a closet during a battle.
        Gauntlet: (grinning like a fool)
        Cyborg: What are you so happy about?
        Gauntlet: (holds up a scrap of paper) I got digits.
      • Silent Night: Noel getting beat up by Bobby.
    • The Cutting Edge: Scalpel flipping out and reciting a rant from a John Waters movie.
      • When Scalpel interrupts the Trick Dialogue by crashing through the window.
      • Scalpel's flashback about a fax machine: "IT'S EATING MY PICTURES! (SMASH)"
    • Danny's Inferno: Tucker's PDA asking for its mommy.
    • Hand In Hand is a Crowning Moment of Funny all on its own.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Oh, Noel, you poor bastard.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The Lord of the Night accomplishes this quite a lot, despite that he was supposed to be dead. One of the prime examples is his plot in Boogeymen IV: Dolorum Ipsum Quia. He not only orchestrated the whole thing, but he did it just so he could watch the Titans kill each other.
    • Cauterize in Cutting Edge is also one, as he manipulates a whole city and the Titans to accomplish his goals and frame someone for his crimes. And ALMOST gets away with it.
  • Moral Event Horizon: A few might think the Lord of the Night crossed this when he killed an innocent kid after slaughtering his abusive father and dependent mother. However, he completely cinches it when he not only rejects Murdercrow's love for him, but then immediately implies that he might have been wrong about not having feelings, just so he can stab her in the heart and use her blood (specifically that of a "broken heart") for a ritual to attain god-like powers... and what's worse is that he tells her this just before she dies, even after he's gotten what he needed. Any sympathy he might have had or will gain from the readers will be consistently trumped by this.
    • Cauterize as well, when he murders Toby Garigan to frame him for his crimes: Toby is an asshole but otherwise innocent. And then there's the fact he essentially sexually molests a female Mook and tries to rape a girl he likes through a brainwashing trick.