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YMMV: Timecop
  • Adaptation Displacement: The franchise is apparently based on a comic written by future Battlestar Galactica scribe Mark Verheiden - who knew?
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Ricky looking at porn on the virtual reality set. All for fanservice, not important to the plot at all.
  • Complete Monster: Senator McComb is a Corrupt Politician who will murder anyone to become an insanely wealthy despot. When time travel is invented he quickly volunteers to oversee the technology to abuse it for his own purposes. To fund his campaign for the U.S. Presidency he initially sends time agents back into the past to carry out Compound Interest Time Travel Gambits. The people he directs to travel in the past for him and carry out his schemes are threatened with having their entire families erased from history — one such guy would rather be willingly executed by the time police than face the alternative. He murders an old associate in the past to take over his tech company and rewrites history so that he completely controls time travel. He wants to use his power to turn the country into a corrupt plutocracy with himself at the top while letting the majority of the people starve or emigrate. He blackmails an Internal Affairs agent to become The Mole for him against the hero Agent Walker by again threatening to erase her family, then kills her himself to tie up all loose ends and frames the hero when he goes back to save her. He tries to murder Walker together with his wife before he even joined the agency by blowing them up in their home (as happened at the start of the movie), but Walker happens to survive in the original loop.

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