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YMMV: Time Lords and Terror
  • Complete Monster: The S'Müz. Full Stop. No Blue and Orange Morality here, it knows full well what it's doing when it absorbs PKE from lifeforms. In fact, it enjoys tearing souls apart in the most hideous fashion possible. The only reason it didn't destroy The Doctor's soul after pulling it out of his body? Spite. It wanted him to witness the horrors it inflicts upon the innocent creatures it devours, to know how much they suffered before being erased from existence. Why? Because he called it stupid in the previous chapter.
    • Possibly Hydia, the enormously powerful space witch who viciously abuses her daughters both physically and verbally. And that whole 'summoning an Ultimate Evil' thing is pretty bad too, especially when she sacrifices Draggle's life to complete the summoning spell.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Everything about The S'Müz, it reaches almost Giygas levels of malevolence and the way it kills is graphic.
    • Just try to get through the last 10 pages of chapter 4 without flinching, poor, poor Draggle.

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